By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

I came across an interesting article from the Miami New Times on what they consider to be the best gluten-free beers and it got me thinking about beer.

I’ve never been a big beer fan myself so it’s not really something I miss but I have a few celiac friends who get super excited when a new gluten-free beer hits the market. If you’re a gluten-free beer drinker, what’s your favorite brand and what is the beer made from?

Gluten-free beers are becoming more common. New companies are bringing gluten-free varieties to the market and it’s no longer uncommon to find gluten-free beer in your local bar or restaurant.

Gluten-free beers tend to be made from buckwheat, rice, sorghum or a combination of these things. What do you think tastes best or tastes most like ‘real beer’?

The top five best gluten-free beers according to the New Times article are:

5) Buckwheat beer

4) Sorghum beer (like St. Peter’s)

3) Sorghum and rice beer (like New Grist)

2) Sorghum, rice, millet and buckwheat beer (like Green’s)

1) Cider (not beer but hey, it’s great AND gluten free!)

I’d definitely choose a cider over a beer any day of the week (gluten-free or not) but I want to hear from the beer fans out there!

What are your thoughts on gluten-free beers? Are they any good? Do they taste different from ‘normal beer’? Do you prefer buckwheat, rice or sorghum beers?