If You Give a Celiac a Coffee Grinder…

By Bridget

Exploring the different ways to make your own gluten-free products can be more exciting and surprising than you think. Gluten-free flour for baking can be incredibly expensive, so if you use a coffee grinder, you can actually make your own flours!

  1. Almonds

Grinding some almonds into flour adds a delicious nutty flavor to your old favorite cookie or pancake recipes. The texture of the flour will be a bit courser, but it will give a nice definition to your baked good. Plus, almonds are packed with healthy omega-3 fats and protein that you wouldn’t get from traditional wheat flour! Just be careful not to grind too long or you may end up making your own almond butter!

  1. Rice

You can make your own brown rice flour in the grinder! Be sure to add some cornstarch or potato starch and xanthan gum so your baked good still has some structure to it. You’ll also want to add some extra baking powder (or baking soda and cream of tartar) to ensure proper rising or your product.

  1. Oats

Buy your own gluten-free oats (I’ve used Bob’s Red Mill, or Irish Steel Cut and never had a problem). Again, be sure to grind into a fine powder, and use extra leavening agents.

You can have a lot of success making your own gluten-free banana bread bread using a combination of both oat flour and almond flour, along with a fair amount (3-4 tablespoons) of baking powder. A good rule of thumb I’ve discovered is the “3/4’s rule,” meaning you want to take your favorite gluten-filled recipe, and only go for ¾ the amount of gluten-free flour (i.e. if a recipe calls for 1 cup of wheat flour, only use ¾ cup of gluten-free flour, otherwise your product can get weighed down by the substitute).

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