The Hollywood Version of “Gluten-Free”

By Bridget

Add Fran Drescher to the list of celebs touting a gluten-free diet like the latest fashion trend. The actress, perhaps best known for her role as The Nanny has recently revealed that a gluten-free and vegan diet has helped her “knock off” the fifteen pounds that have been plaguing her for years, helping alleviate constant fatigue and a generally dragging feeling.

The actress was partially inspired to try the gluten-free diet as an alternative to following a regime of medications that would, supposedly, alleviate her symptoms. Fortunately for her, Drescher feels much more energetic than before, and credits her new diet with her revitalization.

While many people suffering from Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance feel wary of the gluten-free diet as a new fad, it clearly has some lasting effects for the people who follow it. Everyone can benefit from cutting out the processed foods and focusing on a more wholesome diet. The fact that the gluten-free label gets slapped onto that diet can be frustrating for people who really need to follow the diet, but why not share a piece of the gluten-free pie if it works for everyone?

What’s more, the increased attention that comes with celebrities can only serve to help our crusade. As a “gluten-free diet” becomes part of the vernacular, we no longer have to worry that people will look like us like we have three heads when we use the word gluten. People now know what that means, which is a good thing, right?

What do you think? Do you think the celebrity attention takes away from the severity of the allergies we really suffer from or do you think all press is good press?

5 thoughts on “The Hollywood Version of “Gluten-Free””

  1. These people drive me nuts with their latest fads. Frankly, I am sick and tired of the world revolving around celebrities and their ridiculous ideas, fad and marketing ploys. We are on this diet because it is life or death for us. It is not a fad, it is a necessary way of life. Let’s focus on real people with celiac and if their are celebrities like Jennifer Esposito or Elizabeth Hasselback and truly have the disease, then, they are the best endorsement of all for changing restaurants and other food sources.

  2. I think the celebrities are helping our cause. If you are worried about what the restaurant says or anyone else just say that this not a matter of choice for me because I have to choice in the matter or something along that affect.

  3. I do not appreciate one bit these “fad” gluten-free people celebrities or otherwise. Every time I go to a restaurant I have to make sure I tell the server, I must have gluten-free for medical reasons..not because it’s a fad !
    It makes it so much more difficult to emphasize the seriousness of G-Free

  4. I agree with Renee. The celebrity fad view of the diet detracts from the seriousness to those with celiac disease. If you go to a restaurant and there is cross contamination the preparer may not think it is any big deal – not realizing there can be dire consequences for those with with celiac disease. So although it is great that the celebrity fad side of the issue brings more choices for gluten free products, there also is a huge potential for undisclosed contamination and even some indifference or disbelief that there are those that truly cannot have gluten.

  5. Many people with Celiac disease who begin a gluten-free diet actually gain weight because they heal their intestines and begin to process their food and nutrients (including myself). If someone goes on a gluten free diet and looses weight it is most likely because they are eating naturally occuring GF foods like meats, vegetables and salads and not processed gluten-free foods like GF pasta or GF bread which are higher in calories. What people don’t understand is that a celebrity or anyone else can go on a gluten free diet for a short time and then go back to regular good if they so desire. However, those of us with celiac disease have to be on a life time gluten free diet which is a whole different mindset. When you are first diagnosed and realize that you can never have traditional bread, cookies, donuts, bagles, pizza, spagetti, etc. etc. etc., it is life-changing. So on one hand I think it is bad to have people think of gluten-free as a diet remedy. On the other hand if this brings about better tasting gluten free food, greater availability of gluten free food and more general knowledge of what it actually is, I think it is a good thing.

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