Exploring World Cuisines for Gluten-Free Fare

By Bridget

It’s always interested to learn about what cultural dishes are naturally gluten-free. From Asian to Mexican-inspired fare, the rice-based foods of foreign cuisine are often (generally) safe for gluten-free consumption. Most recently, I have begun to explore the world of Indian food, and have come upon, in my opinion, a huge discovery!

One popular dish of Southwest Indian cuisine is called palappam. The bread-like product uses a combination of rice flour, coconut milk, and eggs to yield a product that literally translates into “milk bread;” and all the ingredients are gluten-free!

The bread is delicious when combined with other traditional Indian dishes, such as chicken curry. Furthermore, the reliance on herbs and spices to providing flavor to Indian foods contributes to the lessened risk of cross contaminators or gluten-containing fillings and preservatives.

I recently tried palappam from the Daily Delight frozen product. The bread was absolutely delicious and chewy (not crumbly or dry like a lot of gluten-free breads can be). I tried it as both a savory product (with chicken) and sweet (with peanut butter and jelly) and it was great both ways! This is definitely a product that will become a staple to my freezer – one that I am especially appreciative of because I can use it like sandwich bread!

Palappam is very similar to Appam, an ancient bread of Jewish tradition that is often used during Passover because it does not use any yeast. Both breads are definitely something to explore in your gluten-free eating habits, to break up the monotony of products that boast their gluten-free status, but seldom satisfy your gluten-free palate!

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