Emeril Lagasse Leading the Way in Gluten-Free Cooking

By Bridget

Although many are fed up with all of the gluten-free celebrity hype that has been taking over the headlines of gluten-free news, a recent headline may catch some attention. Emeril Lagasse, the famed restaurateur, chef, and TV personality, best known for catchphrases from “Bam!” to “Kick it up a notch!”, has been a supporter of the gluten-free community for over ten years for reasons very close to his heart – his two daughters. Both daughters were diagnosed with gluten intolerances back in 2001 and 2004, one of whom has full blown Celiac disease.

The women have been working together, along with the support of their dad, to write a gluten-free cookbook that brings all their favorite gluten-free meals and recipes in one book. In their new book, “The Gluten-Free Table: The Lagasse Girls Share Their Favorite Meals,” both Lagasse women have made it their mission to find gluten-free recipes that aren’t flavor-free or laced with a funky aftertaste. By using natural gluten-free flours – from almond flour for flourless chocolate cake to rice flour for pizza crusts – all of their recipes are homemade with real ingredients that are filled with the flavor their father has always depended upon.

Having grown up with a father best known for his Louisiana- and Portuguese-inspired cooking style, flavor has never been something for which either Lagasse girl was willing to compromise. With food as the cornerstone of every family event, the Lagasse’s had to find their way around a gluten-free oven to make sure no party left them feeling deprived. Gumbo, birthday cake, pizza, and even Johnny cake recipes are just a few of the gluten-free fare you’ll find in this new gluten-free cookbook, which will be sure to inspire you to do a little bit of improvising in your own gluten-free kitchen!

Check out Emeril and his daughter Jilly on Good Morning America, whipping up their favorite gluten-free pizza crust – you may find yourself mixing some up for dinner tonight too!

16 thoughts on “Emeril Lagasse Leading the Way in Gluten-Free Cooking”

  1. Amen to that Sue! Having a gluten free cooking show would be fantastic!
    I’m constantly looking for new GF recipes for my five year old who has Celiacs disease.

  2. SOOO glad they are bringing GF out in the open! It’s not a fad, it’s not a choice, it’s a way we HAVE To live to survive! Thank you Emeril and girls!!!!

  3. I agree I would love to see a food network devote a show to
    gluten free cooking. And give tips on how to prepare the food both
    at home and for restaurants who want to serve it..

  4. yes.. let’s get the word out there that we need a cooking show too!! that would be absolutely terrific.. one actual reason to watch tv.

  5. This isn’t anything to do with a food network show. And he certainly isn’t a leader in the gluten free realm. Where has he been in the last 10 years when we could have used a good chef’s help. And yes, a food network cooking show would be nice. I’m tired of Diners and Dives.

  6. I think a cooking show with a regular chef who hosts guest chefs and perhaps even the accomplished home chef, would be very engaging. The guest chef would create opportunities for up and coming chefs to get on TV and thus promote gluten free cooking. The guest home chef would likewise engage viewers showing them that you don’t have to be a trained chef to cook excellent gluten free food.

    I’d also like to see a gluten free version of Chopped and see what they could do with some gluten free flours and a shot clock… that might turn into a comedy, however.

  7. I have been celiac for 15 years and watch Food Network and Emeril for many of those years. I have wished that they had a dedicated gluten-free tv cooking show for all of us out there who have some degree of gluten problem. Since gluten is so much in the new now that it seems it would be a appropriate time for such a show.

  8. I agree with all the comments about the Food Network featuring a completely Gluten Free cooking show. So much has changed with the availability of gluten free foods in the last 14 years.

  9. No grains are gluten-free. This fad is harming too many people. They all convert to sugar. See an gluten expert before you do the gluten-free diet. Too many people are making billions of dollars and tricking the consumer about what is truly gluten-free.

    The Gluten-Free Tuscan Chef.

  10. Judith is correct. No grains are gluten free. I know from my experience and a doctor in houston that shares research studies on his website that if you are celiac or gluten intolerant it is better to eat no grains. He compares it to a light switch if you keep eating any grains it will continue to cause inflammation in your gut. I agree this is why many people dont get well just going what is considered the traditional gluten free diet.

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