A Way To Test Your Food For Gluten?

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

With the lack of gluten-free labeling legislation in the US, sticking to a 100% gluten-free diet can often be challenging. So what if there were a simpler way for celiacs to ensure their food was free from cross contamination and safe to eat?

Many companies offering ‘gluten free’ products already have testing methods to look for traces of gluten in their products, but often these are expensive and perhaps less simple than they might be. How about if you could test your own food for traces of gluten?

Researchers in the Sensors and Biosensors Group at a University in Barcelona, Spain are trying to make this a reality by using the Sunrise absorbance reader (which provides the functionality needed for various diagnostics and research laboratories), along with Magellan V4.0 software to create a sensor, which could accurately test for traces of gluten in food.

Maria Isabel Pividori from the Sensors and Biosensors Group explained:

“There is an increasing demand for rapid, simple and low cost techniques for accurate food analysis in decentralised analytical situations, and we have developed an electrochemical magneto immunosensor for the sensitive detection of gliadin – and small gliadin fragments – in natural or pretreated foods.”

Gladin is a constituent of the cereal protein gluten, and the main protein trigger in those of us with celiac disease.

The Sunrise absorbance reader could be ideal for research applications as it allows  “immunoassays (a test which measure the presence or concentration of a substance – in this case gluten) to be performed in a variety of different formats for multiple applications – such as evaluating protein coupling to magnetic beads and nanoparticles.”

How useful would this be for celiacs to have at their disposal?

Would you put your trust in a device like this that could test for traces of gluten in food products?



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