Gluten-Free Journey Part 2

By Leslie

Day 7

I’ve not cheated at all. Then again you can’t cheat when you’re adopting a lifestyle and not dieting. Living gluten-free is a lifestyle, a choice.

Some things I’ve noticed:

I grocery shop more than I used to. This is a big deal since my husband does the shopping and does it dang well. But now I shop because I want particular things and because I’m so new to this that I need to take my time and read labels.

At the grocery store I spend much more time on the perimeter than I do in the aisles. Meat. Fruits and veggies. Eggs. About the only thing I got from the beautifully merchandised Halloween decorated aisles today was walnuts and bottled sparking water. Although our local grocery has plenty of gluten-free products (and I carry my Triumph Dining Grocery Guide around with me, which is very helpful), I’ve stuck with whole foods thus far.

I’ve lost a few pounds. Or my body has reorganized my waistline to differently display the whole foods I’m eating. I have not worked out the last week because boneheaded me fell down the stairs on Day 3 while taking a load of laundry to the wash. That’ll teach me to do laundry before the sun rises.

Planning is key. I prep lunch the night before and bring it to work because I don’t want to be tempted by Posh Bagel on the ground floor.

I’m in a good mood. Is that the lack of gluten? The busy, interesting work week I had? The perfect fall weather here in Northern California? I’m not sure.

I’ve developed a serious craving for oven-roasted tomatoes. My parents have been in Africa the last five weeks and I’ve been harvesting tomatoes from their garden. I slice the tomatoes in half, sprinkle them with Kosher salt and drown them in olive oil from Tom & Esty’s weekend home. I cook half until they look just like this picture then cook the other half until they’re crispy and chip-like. The crunchy sweetness is addicting.

Readers, do you remember your transition to a gluten-free lifestyle?

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