Chuck E. Cheese Gluten-Free Pizza Goes Nationwide

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Last Spring we brought you news that Chuck E. Cheese was testing gluten-free options at locations in Minnesota. Today we have even more exciting news for Chuck E. Cheese fans who can’t eat gluten.

Successful initial testing and an increasing demand for gluten-free options has led the popular family pizza chain to expand their gluten-free menu nationally. Gluten-free customers across the country will now be able to enjoy individual-sized pizzas and chocolate fudge cupcakes.

Chuck E. Cheese is working hard to ensure their gluten-free products are safe for customers and free from cross contamination. The gluten-free pizza arrives at the restaurants in pre-sealed packaging from Conte’s Pasta, a certified gluten-free facility in New Jersey. The pizza is Bake-in-Bag meaning that it is not opened until served to the gluten-free customer along with a sealed personal pizza cutter.

The same care is taken with the gluten-free chocolate fudge cupcakes. They stay in pre-sealed, single-serve packaging until served to the gluten-free customer at their table.

Joe Elliot, Vice President of Research and Development at Chuck E. Cheese has lots of great things to say about their gluten-free options.

“When we began this process, it was important that we focused on doing gluten-free the right way and making our product accessible even for guests with strict gluten intolerance. With the gluten-free menu we’re launching nationally today, we believe we have dramatically reduced the chances for cross contamination in our gluten-free products.”

“Given that gluten-free products are something we’ve wanted to offer for the last few years, it feels very gratifying to deliver a product that reflects our commitment to providing even our guests with strict gluten intolerance with a product that still tastes great

If you and your kids can’t wait to try this gluten-free pizza, it can be found at over 500 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The cost for this gluten-free pizza is the same as a regular individual cheese pizza.

5 thoughts on “Chuck E. Cheese Gluten-Free Pizza Goes Nationwide”

  1. I was skeptical of chuck e cheese being able to pull of gluten free pizza in their kitchens, but was surprised when I saw the self contained pizza in a baking bag and sealed disposable pizza cutter. They really came through for those worried about cross comtaimenation. I was very impressed that they also had fabe’s cluten free cupcakes also individually wrapped.

  2. Chuck E Cheese’s pizza is a big fail for people with more than a gluten issue. Many gluten free kids are also dairy free. A facebook friend recently posted a photo of a GF pizza from Chuck E Cheese – it is ONLY gluten free. There is no option for dairy free kids to order one without the cheese as the whole thing comes in a bag prepared just ONE way. It is NOT allergen-friendly. We will stick with pizza stores that can control toppings so that we can order without cheese.

  3. Finally, it seems someone really understands about cross contamination
    with gluten free products. Wraping the cupcakes and having the pizzas in
    the Bake-in-bag is a great idea. I have found some pizzerias are very
    proud to offer gluten free pizzas but just don’t get it. They think because they use a gluten free shell they are okay to use the same sauce and
    and such that they use on a regular pizza,,,,,,wrong

  4. I am shocked they were considerate about cross contamination, and happy they added a gf desert too. Unfortunately, my CD 8 yo still can’t join the party, she cannot eat dairy. She’s lactose intolerant. There’s hope though, hopefully as this proves to be important companies will be willing to try crawling out of the box and stretching their ability to offer allergen free products so the ever growing population of ppl with food allergies can feel safe eating out like everyone else. BTW, I think any company boasting GF products on their menu and it only has salad as their option is offensive. That’s just mean. That’s off topic of ChuckeCheese, but a lot of restuarants say they have gf options when I call. Now I have to ask for specifics, as a 8 yo isn’t going to go for salad. Even for an adult its torture.

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