Gluten Free Flour Made From Fruit?

By Bridget

This summer, we came out with a post about banana pasta being a possible alternative for gluten free eaters and many of you thought this sounded like a great idea that you would be interesting in trying.

On a similar topic, recently discussed the possibility of flours made from fruit being a nutritional alternative for those of us on a gluten free diet. How interesting! Is the future of gluten free products to be found in fruit?  (love the sound of that!)

Research funded by the Irish Department of Agriculture and Food located in Dublin, Ireland is looking into the possibility of developing gluten free flours from the by-product of juice and cider production.  Researchers are experimenting with the bits we don’t tend to eat; the skin, pips and core of apples and oranges processed at a few juice and cider facilities in Ireland to see if creating fruity flour for use in gluten free products is really a possible alternative.

When you are forced to stick to a 100% gluten free diet for medical reasons you can only eat what is available and safe and you are left looking for nutritionally comparable products to those you ate in pre gluten free days. There is some research which suggests that some gluten free products lack the nutrition that many of their wheaty counterparts have. As a result, manufacturers of gluten free products are always looking for new, nutritional alternatives. Could gluten free products such as bread and biscuits in the future be made from fruity flour?

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