Product Review: PR*Bar

By Leslie

The most obvious thing about these nutrition bars is variety. There were eight different bars in the package that arrived at the Triumph Dining offices. Chocolate Mint. Double Chocolate. Peanut Butter Chocolate. Yogurt Berry. Apple Pie. On and on. If one flavor of these Personal Nutrition bars isn’t your absolute favorite, just try another.

Regardless of which bar you eat, they are all gluten-free.

The hungry product testers in our office favored the Chocolate Peanut Butter. After all, who doesn’t think chocolate and peanut butter are a natural pairing? They felt that Yogurt Berry would make a good breakfast or morning snack while the others could easily be a fulfilling dessert.

Each bar has 15 grams of protein and about 200 calories. This makes them a good choice athletes. In fact, as a provider to the US Olympic Team, PR*Bars are certified through the Informed Choice program to be free of any banned substances that would jeopardize an athlete’s standing.

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One thought on “Product Review: PR*Bar”

  1. I LOVE the Chocolate Mint – great with a cup of coffee. They are higher in sugar than I like, so I save them for a post workout treat. I also emailed them with questions about their granola bars because they list oatmeal and it is not certified gluten free. Their gluten measurement falls below standards, but I still choose to avoid the granola to be safe. The others are great.

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