Crispin Gluten-Free Cider

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Cider is a great drink for so many occasions. Chilled cider is refreshing on a hot day, warm cider can heat us up on a not-so-hot day and your favorite cider makes a great addition to any meal. Cider is also naturally gluten-free making it perfect for those of us who have Celiac Disease. If there are any cider lovers out there looking for something new, Crispin do a wide variety of fantastic gluten-free ciders.

Crispin ciders are naturally fermented in the USA using fresh pressed apple-juice from a blend of delicious US West Coast apples. They don’t add anything nasty and unnecessary to their ciders. They are naturally delicious and naturally gluten-free!

Crispin offer three classic European style ciders (Original, Light and Brut), an imported classic English dry cider and a line of interesting artisanal ciders.  Their artisanal ciders include ‘Honey Crisp’ with added organic honey, ‘Lansdowne’, with pure organic molasses, ‘Cho-Tokkyu’, fermented with sake yeast and ‘The Saint’, a particularly tasty cider made with pure organic maple syrup!

Crispin are also the people behind Fox Barrel, a tasty line of pear ciders made from 100% pear juice. Pear and other fruit ciders are very common in the UK and in other European countries but it’s a fairly new addition to the US market. If you like pears you will love pear cider! Fox Barrel comes in Pacific Pear, Apricot Pear ad Blackberry Pear.

Have you tried any of Crispin’s ciders and if so, what did you think?

Does pear or other fruity ciders excite your gluten-free taste buds or are you a fan of traditional apple cider?

2 thoughts on “Crispin Gluten-Free Cider”

  1. My favorite cider. The original is light, slightly sweet and refreshing. If that is not to your taste, they have many varieties to choose from.

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