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Dum Dum’s Lollypops Still Gluten-Free After All These Years

My youngest child gets her hair cut at the local kiddie salon. They do a great job and at the end of the appointment she receives a Dum Dum. I’m sure you know what these small lollypops are. Frankly, they’re a childhood favorite. And they come in 16 flavors (who knew?!) including Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Root Beer, Sour Apple, Cream Soda, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Mango, Orange, Blueberry and Fruit Punch.




As it turns out they’re also gluten-free. Spangler, their manufacturer, also makes gluten-free Candy Canes, Saf-T-Pops and Circus Peanuts.

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NoGii High Protein Bars

My brilliant idea for taste testing these bars was to offer them to the high schoolers, the student athletes who show up at our house some afternoons mostly because one of them belongs to the writer of this blog post.

“Mmmmm.” “These are good.” “They are healthy?!” Those were a few of the comments that came from the mouths of the 14-year-old girls gathered around my kitchen island. They gravitated toward the Peanut Butter Chocolate ones but also ranked Chocolate Mint a close second. The former contains 20 grams of protein and the latter 17 grams. And of course they are all gluten-free because they’re Elisabeth Hasselback’s brainchild. NoGii Products are manufactured in a facility approved and certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO).

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New Theories on Why Celiac Disease is on the Rise

It’s generally accepted as fact that the increasing global diagnoses of celiac disease are not solely due to better doctor awareness; there are also more people with an inability to safely ingest gluten than ever before.

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Gluten Free Expo Coming To San Francisco!

We’re excited to let you know that the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area, the very place our business is based!

On the second weekend in February, the 9th and 10th, come on down to the Airport Marriott Hotel Waterfront in Burlingame from 10am-4pm for lots of gluten- and allergen-free fun!

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Happy Holidays from your Triumph Dining Family

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a safe and healthy 2013!

Pictured below are daughters of Michelle Conwisar, Best of Gluten-Free Awards Program Director and Dave Morris, Triumph Dining Publisher, on their annual two-family ski trip.


A Gluten-Free Holiday Table

If you’re still deciding exactly what to serve for Christmas or even a New Year’s eve soiree, this is a good read for you. It’s from one of my favorite foodie food blogs, Bay Area Bites. 


Perhaps you’re like this Bay Area Bites post author, who writes:

A few caveats: I don’t eat meat, my dad hews to a low-cholesterol diet, my sister-in-law avoids gluten. My brother is generally happy with most things, as long as the meal involves a lot of vegetables and perhaps lamb. My mom and my husband have very few food aversions. Fortunately, despite our specific needs, we are a fairly easygoing bunch as long as the white wine is cold and there’s some sort of decadent dessert following dinner.

Still, it requires some forethought. To that end, the vegetarian entree is often marinated and sauteed portobello mushroom “steaks,” or a rich and creamy risotto. Potatoes may be roasted with olive oil instead of mashed with butter in a nod to a healthier lifestyle. And with just a little bit of extra effort, it’s possible to eliminate gluten altogether.

There are some great ideas and recipes in here. Enjoy!

The World’s Largest Pizza is Gluten Free!

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Not only does Italy offer gluten-free folks one of the most celiac-friendly destinations in the world, it now also holds the world record for the world’s largest pizza.


Last week the world record for the world’s largest pizza was broken. In Rome, a team of five Italian chefs worked together to beat the previous world record and they just happened to do it with gluten-free pizza! The event was organized by Dr. Schar and headed by Dovilio Nardi, who previously set up an Italian pizza chain catering to customers with celiac disease.

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Irish Celiacs Affected By Cutbacks

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)


This may seem like pure fantasy for US celiacs but in some countries, including the UK and Ireland, biopsy-diagnosed celiacs are entitled to free or subsidized gluten-free products to help them to adjust to the gluten free diet without too much of an additional cost. When I was first diagnosed in the UK I was very happy to receive subsidized gluten-free bread and pasta thanks to our wonderful NHS.

Gluten-free products such as bread, pasta and crackers – anything which is normally filled with gluten and is specifically made to be gluten free – tends to be pretty expensive. Receiving free or subsidized gluten free basics therefore makes a big difference to celiacs where this is offered.

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Righteously Raw: Gluten Free, Raw Chocolate

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)


Have you ever tried raw chocolate? It’s quite the treat if you’re a fan of rich, dark chocolate.

Righteously Raw, by Earth Source Organics has created gourmet organic raw chocolate bars, uniquely flavored by exotic ingredients such as Acai, Goji and Lucama.

Why raw? According to these chocolate makers, it’s the way chocolate ought to be. “Nutritional and enzymatic structures that make ingredients in our bars so powerful in their raw state would be damaged by the heat if cooked, making it difficult or even impossible, for our bodies to absorb the benefits at their full potential.”

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How Much Gluten Are You Willing to Tolerate?

By Bridget

In terms of gluten-free eating, I have always learned that it’s an all-or-nothing approach. You must cut gluten completely (meaning 100%) out of your diet to ensure that your system is working properly.

Recently, however, I read an article about gluten-free legislative action being taken in the U.K. over gluten-free labeling. Under their legislation, foods can be labeled as “gluten-free” only if they contain less than 20 mg of gluten per kg of the product. This is common practice in most food manufacturing as a safe tolerable limit for indirect and unintentional food additives. When eating processed foods, it is common practice (under our own FDA guidelines) to accept that substances can accidentally get into foods during processing, production, packaging, and storage. As such, the FDA defines minimum permissible quantities of such unintended substances.

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