Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Baskets Galore

By Emily

Well, it’s that time of year again: the holiday season has begun! There are office parties and neighborly open houses, holiday dinners and all-day shopping extravaganzas, all of which require a little bit of extra planning if you plan to do them gluten-free. Today, though, let’s just focus on one special part of the holidays: the gift basket.

The standard holiday gift basket is generally a field of land mines for a gluten-free person. Even if there are a few items that seem safe — at least, according to the ingredients list — there is rarely a way to tell how true this is. Often items aren’t branded, so gaining access to information on shared equipment and cross-contamination is nearly impossible.

Whether you’re sending a basket to your niece with Celiac Disease who is stuck out on the opposite coast and can’t get home for the holidays, or to colleagues or clients who you know to be gluten-free, happily there are safe options.

A growing number of traditional companies that send out gift baskets are learning that a gluten-free option can be a big hit. Accordingly, you can choose from several different sized baskets at Gourmet Gift Baskets, with pre-selected snacks like Lucy’s Cookies and Orchard Bars. Gluten-Free Palace also has a number of allergen-aware and gluten-free tins with baked goods and other yummy snacks as does Saratoga Gift Baskets. I Can Have That even specializes in allergen-friendly gift baskets.

Or, if you’re more of a DIY fan (and/or you have someone with additional dietary requirements), you might want to choose a basket from It’s Only Natural: you can choose the size basket and then select each and every treat you’d like to include from a list with clear allergen labeling. They’ll make everything look all pretty and ship it out to your lucky someone (and they’ll also do the tough job of choosing items, if you’d prefer).

You can also go with a themed gift basket that just so happens to be gluten-free, for example fruit or tea (Note! Not all tea is gluten-free, sometimes barley is added.). Within the fruit category, perhaps the most well-known provider is Harry & David, who have a number of fruit-only options. You can also visit Golden State Fruit, Cherry Moon Farms, or The Fruit Company to see if something else tickles your fancy.

For tea gift baskets, Republic of Tea carries GFCO-certification for most of their teas, and have a number of inexpensive options. Just take care not to order something that comes with cookies or other baked goods, as they will not be gluten-free.

Have you ever received a particularly memorable gluten-free gift basket, or given one to a friend, relative, or colleague? If so, where did it come from?

3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Baskets Galore”

  1. Hi Gluten Free Community,

    We appreciate reading your blogs and finding out what’s new in the gluten-free community. Some of our team members are gluten free, and we are proud to offer gluten-free giftbaskets including selections from your favorite gluten-free companies like — KIND bars, NuGO bars, Popchips, Food Should Taste Good, etc. And, of course, our all-fruit giftbaskets are fresh from the grove.

    Please consider American CarePackage as a partner with you in promoting gluten-free awareness and gluten-free gourmet living. We are dedicated to increasing our gluten-free giftbasket collections.

    Happy Holidays!

    From our hearts,
    The American CarePackage team

  2. When my friends say “it has just a little bit of gluten – won’t hurt you at all”, in a way they are correct. I won’t feel any symptoms from “just a little bit”. But – the same friends would cover up to avoid sun exposure because they have learned that over the years many cummulative “little bits” of sun can lead to skin damage and skin cancers. Why can’t they understand that I am affected similarly in my digestive tract by all those “just a little bits” that they think I can eat without future troubles?

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