Purely Elizabeth Granola

By Leslie

Purely Elizabeth granola arrived in the Triumph Dining offices the same day the December issue of Bon Appetite arrived at this writer’s home. After my office mates gave a solid thumb’s up to the Cranberry Pecan variety, which is gluten-free, vegan and free of refined sugar, I took the rest home and began baking. It is the holiday season after all.

For the record, the Crunch Bars I made with this cereal and substituting a gluten-free flour mix for the standard flour the recipe calls for, was a hit with our kids for breakfast this morning.

The granola, made with organic quinoa, amaranth and chia, got its sweetness from coconut sugar. The company also makes original, pumpkin fig and blueberry hemp varieties. They come in on-the-go, as well as regular, packaging. On-the-go packaging would be great for soccer team snacks duty or to throw in your purse when you’re facing a day or nonstop errands.

Elizabeth Stein, a certified holistic nutrition counselor, started this business in 2009 after discovering her own dietary intolerances. All of the company’s products are certified organic by the Vermont Organic Farmer’s Association and produced in a gluten-free facility. To find out where to purchase them in your area, click here.

3 thoughts on “Purely Elizabeth Granola”

  1. Purely Elizabeth is the best-I have it every morning with yougurt and then for a snack during the day! I found it at the Expo in Burligame CA only wish I had bought more then!

    I have approched my local markets in hopes I will not have to continue to by buy the case!

  2. I was first excited about this product, however, after reading the ingredients I notice amaranth is used which is a form of wheat. If you have a gluten sensitivity this can upset your GI tract.

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