By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)


Have you ever tried raw chocolate? It’s quite the treat if you’re a fan of rich, dark chocolate.

Righteously Raw, by Earth Source Organics has created gourmet organic raw chocolate bars, uniquely flavored by exotic ingredients such as Acai, Goji and Lucama.

Why raw? According to these chocolate makers, it’s the way chocolate ought to be. “Nutritional and enzymatic structures that make ingredients in our bars so powerful in their raw state would be damaged by the heat if cooked, making it difficult or even impossible, for our bodies to absorb the benefits at their full potential.”

These raw chocolate bars contain no preservatives, chemicals, dairy, soy, gluten, nuts or refined sugar. They are simply a blend of raw cacao, sweetened by sugars from fruit. They are also Certified Organic and made in a completely wheat-, gluten- and nut-free facility.

As well as their exotic chocolate range, they have recently introduced a range of Bite Size Raw Chocolates, which come in Divine Mint, Pure Dark and Synergy Spice. They also do Raw Coconut Macaroons and Rawcholatl, an ancient Aztec Cacoa Spice drink.

Righteously Raw products can be found online and in many grocery and health stores across the country. Check out the company’s web site for the full product range and read about the benefits of raw chocolate.