Canadian Government to Provide Grant for Gluten-Free Products

A few weeks back we wrote about Canada’s new gluten free labeling legislation. Food allergen labeling laws, which were originally discussed back in 2008 and then announced in 2011, were made compulsory at the start of August.

Any products sold in Canada must now adhere to the new legislation meaning that nothing can be labeled gluten free unless “prepared under good manufacturing practices, which contain levels of gluten not exceeding 20 ppm as a result of cross-contamination, meet the health and safety intent of B.24.018 when a gluten-free claim is made.”

Today gluten free Canadians got even more good news. The Canadian government has announced that they will be providing a $245,000 grant to help the Canadian Celiac Association to work with ExcelGrains Canada (the Packaging Association of Canada and the Canadian Health Food Association) to enable the production of safe gluten free products.

Developing strict controls and guidelines for the production of gluten free foods is one of the measures this grant will allow for – helping eliminate the risk of cross contamination across the entire gluten free product manufacturing process.

The mission of the Canadian Celiac Association is to “promote awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, along with offering advice and information to manufacturers and distributors of gluten-free foods.”

The Canadian government hopes that this new measure will allow consumers to buy the gluten free foods they need and boost their confidence in Canadian food.

Jim McCarthy, Executive Director of the CCA, in speaking about the importance of gluten free labeling said that “government and industry (must) work together to ensure that foods labeled ‘gluten free’ truly are safe for the consumers who need them.

Nice one, Jim! He couldn’t be more spot on. Safe, genuinely gluten free products are what all celiacs are looking for to make our lives simpler and to make grocery shopping a less grueling experience.

He added “the measure will help the three million or so Canadians who suffer from celiac disease and gluten intolerance to more easily and safely access a 100% gluten free diet.”

Well done, Canada! This is a great step. When will the US finally get around to following in the footsteps of their more celiac friendly, northern neighbors?–/Page1.html

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