Rice Bran Could Make Gluten Free Bread More Nutritional


Many gluten-free consumers are searching for gluten-free products high in nutritional value. Just because we can no longer eat gluten doesn’t mean we are no longer interested in eating nutritional food.

Gluten free breads are traditionally of lower nutritional quality that ‘normal’ gluten-containing breads. Researchers are working on ways of improving this and providing both highly nutritional and great-tasting alternatives to the gluten-free community.

NutraCea recently announced that its stabilized rice bran has been highlighted in new research published in The Journal of Cereal Science on the potential benefits of rice bran-enhanced, gluten-free bread.

Researchers at Chiang Mai University in Thailand and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Austria are trying to figure out ways of improving the nutritional quality of gluten-free bread and rice-bran may be a way to do it. These researchers created a bread made from rice flour, HPMC, egg albumen, emulsifier and this NutraCea stabilized rice bran. Results showed that by including the rice-bran at a level of 10% produced bread with

“better color, higher volume and softer crumb firmness (and that) results prove that addition of rice bran not only enhances the physiochemical and nutritional profile of the final gluten-free breads, it was also preferred by the panelists over the control bread.”

CEO and President of NutraCea, John Short, commented “We have long recognized the many positive nutritional benefits of rice bran – it is hypoallergenic, gluten free, contains a full range of amino acids and is easy digestible…it also supplies valuable protein content to foods.”

The CEO of this global leader in the production and marketing of value added products derived from rice bran is of course excited by this research. But what do gluten free consumers think?

Post authored by The Gluten Free Traveller.

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