Mixing it Up With Gluten-Free Bread Mixes

Gluten free bread

The warm wafting aroma of fresh bread baking is one of the most comforting scents in the world. Breadmaking can be an exacting and time-consuming process and gluten-free breadmaking is especially so because of the lack of the gluten protein to give the bread bind and elasticity. I have several times experienced opening my bread machine in anticipation, only to find a lump of dense undercooked gluten-free bread. While a bread machine with a gluten-free specific cycle makes the work of gluten-free breadmaking much easier, pre-bought gluten-free bread mixes make the task even less daunting. There is a huge selection of gluten-free bread mixes out there, so we’ve collected a few of the major brands for your benefit.


Bob’s Red Mill: Bob’s makes a variety of gluten-free bread mixes including GF Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix, a GF Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix, and GF Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix which can be made in a bread machine or by hand.

Chebe: Chebe makes a standard All-Purpose Bread Mix and Original Bread Mix as well as a Focaccia Bread Mix among other gluten free bread mixes.
Gluten-Free Pantry: Gluten-Free Pantry makes a Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix and a French Bread & Pizza Mix.
Hodgson Mill: Hodgson Mill offers a basic Gluten-Free Bread Mix made with whole grain brown rice.
Breads From Anna: Breads From Anna sells a wide selection of gluten-free bread mixes including a standard Bread Mix, a Pumpkin Bread Mix, an Herb Bread Mix, and a Banana Bread Mix. Breads From Anna also sells a gluten-free bread mix that is yeast free as well as a gluten-free bread mix that is free of soy, nut, corn, dairy and rice for those with allergy restrictions.
King Arthur: King Arthur makes a reliable Gluten-Free Bread Mix that yields sliceable sandwich bread.
Orgran: Orgran makes a gluten-free Easy Bake Bread Mix for use in breadmachines.
Pamela’s Products: Pamela’s makes a basic Gluten-Free Bread Mix that can be make in a breadmaker or by hand.
Schar: Schar makes a gluten-free Classic White Bread Mix that is also lactose free.
Kinnikinnick: Kinnikinnick makes several gluten-free bread mixes including Kinni-Kwick Bread & Bun Mix, Kinni-Kwick Sunflower Flax Bread & Bun Mix, Tapioca Rice Bread Mix, and Candadi Yeast Free Rice Bread Mix.
Namaste Foods: Namaste Foods makes a simple Gluten Free Bread Mix that is also free of casein, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, corn, potato, and soy.

Which is your favorite gluten-free bread mix brand? Please share!

6 thoughts on “Mixing it Up With Gluten-Free Bread Mixes”

  1. We love the Pamela’s as it is all in there and all you have to do is add the moist items (water, eggs, oil) and the yeast. I dump in the Bread Man breadmaker and voila! It is one of my son’s favorite moist breads that would surprise you knowing that it is GF. Tastes a little like a sweet bread, but is perfect for sandwiches.

  2. We love the Bob’s Red Mill GF Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix. It is easy to make and an excellent dark bread. It reminds me of the wonderful bread you can buy in Germany. Even those who don’t need to eat gluten free love this bread, it is exceptional

  3. My favorite bread mix is Grandpa’s Kitchen Bread Mix. It is so light and fluffy and tastes like homemade bread without the after taste other bread mixes have. However, it is a new company which is only located in Utah stores. You can buy their mixes on Amazon.com but I have never done that since I live by a store which carries their yummy products.

  4. Namaste bread mix (made in bread machine) is my regular GF bread for taking to potluck. People gobble it up with nary a “what is this?” comment, and the nut-allergic folks love that it has a nutty taste, but is safe for them.

    For hand-made bread, I prefer Manini’s, a newish GF company out of Seattle. Manini’s has no rice in it’s mix; they try very hard to keep the nutrition high. For me, these mixes (including the pasta mix) taste most like good quality wheat bread. (http://maninisglutenfree.wordpress.com/)

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