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Ready Set Cupcake Gluten Free

On my doorstep sat a FedEx box. I opened it and found gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake batter and all natural buttercream frosting. It was the answer to my dinner dilemma — a long day at work and guests on their way. Even better that it came in dry ice and my kids googled then executed science experiments with it.

The GFCO certified, ready-to-use frozen cake batter is an amazing addition to a gluten-free kitchen. It was very easy to use and even more convenient than packaged, gluten-filled cake mixes.

Our guests loved its taste and I loved its convenience, so much so in fact that I’m looking forward to trying the vanilla flavor, too.

Ready. Set. Cupcake! is made by The Piping Gourmets in Miami. Carolyn Broome Shulevitz is a graduate of New York’s Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. Leslie Kaplan’s background is in hospitality. Together they have come up with an innovative idea and great execution. Incidentally, the duo and their company offer gluten-filled baking produts as well.

More information on Ready. Set. Cupcake! is available on the company’s website.



One thought on “Ready. Set. Cupcake! | Triumph Dining Product Review”

  1. A — the link to the company website doesn’t work and
    B — it is only available in a very limited area — I got my hopes up only for them to be dashed because Iive 3000 miles from Miami and there was not an online ordering option.

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