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Healthy Surprise Gluten Free Gift BasketsEarlier in December, we brought you the low-down on gluten-free gift baskets: what to watch out for and where to find allergen-friendly treats.

Now, how about if you could have your own gluten-free gift basket delivered every month of the year?

With Healthy Surprise you can have just that! For a monthly fee they will deliver a variety of tasty gluten-free snacks right to your front door.

The kind of snacks you can expect in your monthly box are dried, dehydrated and freeze dried fruits, nuts, trail mixes, all types of bars, crackers, chocolates, kale chips and other new and interesting products. All of the snacks are full-sized and they are all gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.

I haven’t yet received a response from the company regarding what they mean by ‘gluten-free’ so I’m not sure whether all of their products are safe for celiacs or simply free from gluten-containing ingredients. I would certainly double check before signing up.

Healthy Surprise boxes come in three different sizes. Their Starter Box costs $33 per month for 16-20 servings, the Healthy Box is $66 per month for 32-40 servings and the Large Box is $99 per month for 50-60 servings. The Healthy and Large Boxes include shipping.

Some of the snacks you receive you may have seen or tried before while others will be completely new. If you don’t like what they have to offer, Healthy Surprise offers a 110% money back guarantee. Learn more on the company’s web site.

4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Healthy Surprise | Triumph Dining Product Review”

  1. I just called this company. It looks like a great product, but a few of the gluten free snack options do contain oats. I have celiac and my doctor suggests that I not eat oats due to high risk of cross contamination. I have honestly been frustrated by how many “gluten free” things do contain oats.

  2. I tried their products and I was quite disappointed. After 3 deliveries, I cancelled my order. The size of the packages were often trial sizes. Other products were weird in taste. The cost of a package was quite expensive in comparison to the # of items received, in my opinion. (around $33) I got the smaller pkg. which contained perhaps no more than 15 items. If you are looking to have a snack daily, you will discover that you will have to purchase a larger pkg, which, I think, is over priced.

  3. There is a pediatrician,md, lady,her son is celiac, who does this too at $25/mo. I got two months then cancelled–too much wierd stuff and odd flavors. Y

  4. I also found the package to be overpriced, and many of the items are produced in facilities that also produce wheat containing products.

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