Gluten Free WristbandsAt the Gluten & Allergen Free expo in San Francisco last weekend, we spotted lots of kids wearing great gluten-free and allergen-free wristbands. Some of them were so fun and colorful that I’m thinking of getting one for myself!

As adults suffering from serious allergies and intolerances we are usually able to convey our dietary needs to other people – but what about children who don’t have the vocabulary to explain these things? Getting your child one of these wristbands or bracelets is a great way of getting across the severity of an allergy to family, friends and strangers.

Some of the wristbands we’ve seen focus on one allergy such as wheat or peanuts whilst others are customizable for kids who suffer from multiple allergies.

Many of the bracelets, because they are aimed at kids, are colorful and fun. I know when I was a kid I would have proudly worn a gluten-free wrist band.

Do your kids wear allergen-free wristbands? If so, which brand is your favorite and do your kids enjoy wearing them?

Post authored by The Gluten Free Traveller.