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Gluten Free WristbandsAt the Gluten & Allergen Free expo in San Francisco last weekend, we spotted lots of kids wearing great gluten-free and allergen-free wristbands. Some of them were so fun and colorful that I’m thinking of getting one for myself!

As adults suffering from serious allergies and intolerances we are usually able to convey our dietary needs to other people – but what about children who don’t have the vocabulary to explain these things? Getting your child one of these wristbands or bracelets is a great way of getting across the severity of an allergy to family, friends and strangers.

Some of the wristbands we’ve seen focus on one allergy such as wheat or peanuts whilst others are customizable for kids who suffer from multiple allergies.

Many of the bracelets, because they are aimed at kids, are colorful and fun. I know when I was a kid I would have proudly worn a gluten-free wrist band.

Do your kids wear allergen-free wristbands? If so, which brand is your favorite and do your kids enjoy wearing them?

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10 thoughts on “Allergy Friendly Wristbands”

  1. Sorry, but these look like toys, not medical info. My kids wear MedicAlert bracelets which get the point across that this is a serious medical issue. I doubt any adult who wasn’t educated about celiac would understand that a bright orange “silly band” is there to tell you about a medical condition.

  2. They are for children (CHILD)–something fun for them to wear–something they would want to wear, everyone need to be more understanding, this is something new-try it before you belittle it.

  3. I would REALLY like to get several of these bracelets for myself & my celiC friends. Please let me know where they can be purchased. Also, when others see us wearing them, they will inquire & we can share celiac awareness. Thanks

  4. The braclets are for children-children like colorful and fun things-Casey maybe you could try something fun and colorful for you kids–I’m sure the person who made them intended them to be serious but fun and colorful FOR KIDS. I like em.

  5. We bought red ‘Gluten Free’ bracelets from Amazon, along with customized t-shirts from CafePress that say “Food Allergies…Please ask my Mom before you feed me” for her to wear to parties and events that may offer opportunities for others to hand her food. My daughter is 3 and while she has a decent grasp on the fact that she can’t eat “gluten” she’s not quite old enough to explain it well enough to others. No, it doesn’t explain what the condition is…and I feel that adding something like a MedicAlert bracelet would make my little girl feel too singled out. But it’s enough for people to realize that they need to check with her parents before feeding her…and that’s the important part.

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