Celiac Symptoms Across The World

Celiac SymptomsThe symptoms of celiac disease differ from person to person, which is one of the reasons it can be so difficult to diagnose in the first place. Some celiacs suffer from terrible gastrointestinal symptoms, others psychological symptoms and some, no symptoms at all. Now, what if your nationality were a factor in the type of symptoms you suffer? Recent research suggests it’s possible.

Researchers in Iran compared the symptoms of celiacs in Iran, Romania and Italy and found variations between the three. This study worked with 323 women and 127 men, all confirmed celiac by endoscopy, small bowel biopsy and positive serology. The study was published in the Archives of Iranian Medicine this month.

The study suggested that upper abdominal symptoms were most common with the European patients whilst Iranian patients complained about more classic celiac symptoms like diarrhea and bloating. For non-GI symptoms, anemic was the most frequent complaint for both Iranian and Italian patients but it was significantly higher in Iranians.

Could our nationality really be a factor in which, if any, celiac symptoms we suffer from? Is this the result of genetics or simply that different nationalities tend to follow different diets? What an interesting study; I look forward to further and wider-spread research on this topic.


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5 thoughts on “Celiac Symptoms Across The World”

  1. Interesting article on different nationalities suffering different symptoms. I unfortunately had all the classic celiac symptoms. I am so thankful to be finally diagnosed after suffering 20 years. It’s wonderful to feel better and I truly enjoy the gluten free diet.


  2. My main symptoms were anemia and constipation. I did not have diarrhea, but abdominal bloating and pain. My heritage is mostly English and Scottish on both sides of my family, but on my father’s side there is Italian and French-Dutch. Perhaps there is a connection. And so far, I am the only one who has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

  3. I would think that the difference in symptoms would be more a product of local diet then of nationality. If a culture has a specific diet, then I would expect for a majority of them to present an illness like this in a similar fashion. Has anyone done a study on region and symptoms?

  4. I am such a genetic mix, I suffer from ALL of the possible symptoms / side effects. Life used to be terribly painful, frustrating, and embarrassing.
    I’m so thankful to be gluten free!

  5. I have mostly northern European family I had mostly constipation, pain and constant low minerals on my blood counts for years. I am interested if there is a wider study with more regions/countries included in the future.

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