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000266Have you tried any of Amy’s gluten-free products yet? They have quite the selection! From Mac & Cheese to Burritos to Indian Meals to Chocolate Cake, Amy’s offer more than 70 organic, gluten-free versions of some popular dishes.

All of the products Amy’s offer can simply be heated up and enjoyed.

Their ready meal selection includes ‘Bowls’ such as Mexican Casserole and Mushroom Risotto, Enchiladas, Indian Dishes, Burgers, Pizzas, Stir Fry’s and Light & Lean options.

As well as their popular ready meals, Amy’s also do jars of gluten-free pasta sauce and salsa along with a wide variety of canned beans and canned chili.

If you fancy a quick bowl of soup of a chilly evening, they offer an exciting selection of gluten-free canned soups. Flavors include Spanish Rice & Red Bean, Tuscan Bean & Rice, Thai Coconut, Chunky Tomato Bisque and Indian Golden Lentil.

Dessert and snack wise, they offer Chocolate Cake, Pound Cake, Cookies and Candy Bars.

Amy’s products are not made in a gluten-free facility but their website talks about the activities and cross-checks which take place at their facility to ensure cross contamination does not occur. In terms of gluten, this includes cleaning and sanitizing equipment and testing for the presence of gluten. All of Amy’s gluten-free products are tested to ensure they contain less than 20ppm, the proposed FDA definition that companies would have to adhere to for labeling products as ‘gluten free’.

Have you tried Amy’s gluten-free products? What did you think?

Post authored by The Gluten Free Traveller.

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  1. Every once in a while I will pick up one of Amy’s frozen gluten free options. Just have to keep an eye on sodium!

  2. The times I’ve had Amy’s products, I’ve gotten glutened. :(

    It’s too bad, because the meals were very tasty! I’m fairly sensitive, though not extremely so. It’s been two years since my last Amy’s trial (and glutening) – have they improved their kitchen since then to minimize cross contamination?

  3. My husband had a bad reaction to Amy’s frozen pizza. Even though the package said Gluten-Free in big letters on the front, the small print on the back said that it was processed in a facility that processes foods that contain wheat. He would not recommend it to people with celiac disease or a high sensitivity to gluten

  4. I have had Amy’s Enchilada’s and they are as good as any I have gotten in a restaurant. I have also tried the Tamale dish. The tamale is good, but I am not too fond of the rice and beans (although I am not a fan of any rice and bean dishes so that is not an indication of good or bad). I keep a meal in the freezer for when I am by myself and don’t feel like cooking. I am fairly sensitive so I would say they have improved.

  5. I have been using Amy’s Gluten Free products for over five years. I have never had any cross contamination issues and I am extremely sensitive. I am grateful for these high quality options. Thanks Amy’s! Keep up the good work!

  6. Often times their gluten free products have soy and dairy in them which I am allergic to as well. I really wish they would utilize daiya cheese more often in their frozen items. The only product I have frequently tried is their dairy free, soy free, gluten free – frozen macaroni and cheese. Its pretty tasty for a quick easy meal.

  7. Ditto what Kara said. I didn’t just get a little sick, I got very sick the 3 times I tried Amy’s products. Even if they did clean up their kitchen I’m not sure I could ever get myself to try their products again.

  8. I have tried this and it was gross. It is so upsetting to buy stuff, its expensive, to find out its gross
    I make a cauliflower pizza crust and it tasts so much better

  9. All of the gf mexican dishes I’ve had have been really good, kinda pricey, but good! The rice crust cheese pizza on the other hand is terrible. Ive tried to improve it with toppings and more cheese, but there is no hiding that crust. I♥ the mexican dishes though, and I have never been glutened and. Am extremely sensitive.

  10. I LOVE Amy’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese with dairy. The one without dairy is not very good. If it was not as expensive I would eat it more often. Not found of the pizzas – they seem to be soggy. The chocolate cake is okay as are the burritos I have tried. Nothing worth paying the price for though, I make my own food or get the Mac and Cheese when it is on sale.

  11. I’ll splurge on a package of the frozen mac’n’cheese on occasion. Makes for a nice, quick dinner with a salad when I don’t feel like cooking. The canned soups are also good options to have around.

  12. I wish I liked the pizza a lot more that I do… The dough isn’t very good but I can imagine that when there were fewer GF options it was acceptable. But I find that most other GF pizza options are a LOT better…

    Although I have been getting doughs and adding toppings on my own through the Sensitive Baker, Rudy’s, and Katz’s crusts.

  13. I am surprised at the comment that someone splurged on a package of the frozen mac’n’cheese. I cannot stand Amy’s Mac’n’Cheese. I found it very gluey, and quite gross. I did like their Indian bowl I tried, though.

  14. I am surprised at the comment that someone splurged on a package of the frozen mac’n’cheese. I cannot stand Amy’s Mac’n’Cheese. I found it very gluey, and quite gross. I did like their Indian bowl I tried, though.

  15. I love Amy’s GF meals! I did have an unfortunate incident maybe 5 or 6 years ago, where I was “glutened” (it was terrible!). I contacted the company and reported which meal it was. The rep was very apologetic and even sent coupons in the mail. A few months later I worked up enough courage to try Amy’s again and have never had another issue with their yummy meals.

  16. I’ve been glutened too many times by Amy’s. Not good to get so bloated your button from you pants pops off at work. One gluten experience and you just can’t trust a company again – I’ve learned that the hard way.

  17. We tried Amy’s mac and cheese yesterday for the first time. Our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter was diagnosed last week and we all loved it!

  18. We love the Amy’s rice crust pizza. The size is bigger than some other GF pizzas. The taste is very good – even when I forget it in the oven and overcook it a bit. It’s otherwise perfect. My only disappointment is that it is hard to find. Most of the grocery stores I go to don’t have the Rice crust GF pizza because they carry all the other flavors. There are so many Amy’s pizza flavors and so little freezer space. And when I do find it, it is overpriced. So I know where I can get it 7.99 which is a good price. Some places charge as much as 10. which I will not pay.

  19. Amy’s Gluten free/dairy free mac and cheese is my absolute favorite!! However, their other products (soups and brown rice bowl) have made me sick before. I assume that it was from cross contamination.

  20. Your products are not made in a glutton free enviorment.Perhaps this is why some of your respondents say they were gluttoned-so was I and it is no fun!

  21. I love Amy’s mac ‘n cheese! It’s one of those little indulgences I allow myself while husband is chomping on “real” pizza. I’m always a little skeptical of “gluten free” salsa–nice marketing, but it’s probably pretty difficult to introduce gluten into salsa! Her Mexican dishes are tasty, as well.

  22. sorry. did not like the products i have tried so far. and did not like the reaction i got either. gluten free? i think not, at least my gut tells me other wise. if i would have known they were not totally prepared in a gluten free environment, i would never had tried them. thanks for letting me know why i reacted.

  23. I really like Amy’s products. The Mac and Cheese is excellent. I’ve also tried the pizza and some of the other meals and have liked all so far with no effects afterward. Iit’s one of the brands I look for.

  24. I stopped eating Amy’s when learning of the repeated glutening of a member of our local support group. Upon reading their fine print, I discovered what others have also observed. It seems quite greedy for any company to mislead the afflicted with m.. isleading info. to make a sale. For those who don’t feel sick,I still wonder what intestinal damage occurs. I appreciate Amy’s efforts; but, it may be doing. more harm than good. Perhaps they can follow the lead of processors like Glutino & Schar. Wegmens supermarket offers over 1500 GF store brand products that they continually monitor for their GF purity. Such a pleasure shopping there. Would be nice to see Whole Foods and TraderJoes take such an interest; organic doesn’t mean anything if it’s filled with whole wheat, barley, or rye.

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