000266Have you tried any of Amy’s gluten-free products yet? They have quite the selection! From Mac & Cheese to Burritos to Indian Meals to Chocolate Cake, Amy’s offer more than 70 organic, gluten-free versions of some popular dishes.

All of the products Amy’s offer can simply be heated up and enjoyed.

Their ready meal selection includes ‘Bowls’ such as Mexican Casserole and Mushroom Risotto, Enchiladas, Indian Dishes, Burgers, Pizzas, Stir Fry’s and Light & Lean options.

As well as their popular ready meals, Amy’s also do jars of gluten-free pasta sauce and salsa along with a wide variety of canned beans and canned chili.

If you fancy a quick bowl of soup of a chilly evening, they offer an exciting selection of gluten-free canned soups. Flavors include Spanish Rice & Red Bean, Tuscan Bean & Rice, Thai Coconut, Chunky Tomato Bisque and Indian Golden Lentil.

Dessert and snack wise, they offer Chocolate Cake, Pound Cake, Cookies and Candy Bars.

Amy’s products are not made in a gluten-free facility but their website talks about the activities and cross-checks which take place at their facility to ensure cross contamination does not occur. In terms of gluten, this includes cleaning and sanitizing equipment and testing for the presence of gluten. All of Amy’s gluten-free products are tested to ensure they contain less than 20ppm, the proposed FDA definition that companies would have to adhere to for labeling products as ‘gluten free’.

Have you tried Amy’s gluten-free products? What did you think?


Post authored by The Gluten Free Traveller.