Award-Winning Products You May Have Missed

Being in the business, we come across great gluten-free products all the time. The fun part of our job at Triumph Dining is sharing those things with you, knowing you might not discover them on your own.

Here are a few products that won 2012 Best of Gluten Free Awards, ones that might not yet be on your radar. This underscores the importance of voting in the 2013 Awards. If you have not already done so and asked your friends to do the same, please join the cause. Without this continual knowledge, new products might not gain market awareness and these manufacturers might not continue to manufacture them.


Best Gluten-Free Brownie Mix – Betty Crocker. Brownies are an easy take along dessert, a perennial dessert buffet favorite. Betty Crocker gives celiac a very close replica to gluten-filled ones.

Best Gluten-Free Options at a Fast Food Restaurant – Chipotle. I’m not sure about you but the Chipotle’s near us often have lines out the door. The popularity of this chain and its many locations make it easy to feed everyone in your family, even those who are gluten-intolerant.

Best Gluten-Free Breadcrumbs – Glutino. My family loves the Barefoot Contessa chicken fingers with Parmesan. These gluten-free breadcrumbs are an easy substitution.

Best Gluten-Free Beer  – Anheuser Busch Redbridge. We’re deep into the NCAA Championships this week and on the cusp of baseball season. Like a lot of folks we enjoy a beer with our sports. This is a safe bet and pleases most palates. And it’s easy to find at your local grocer.

11 thoughts on “Award-Winning Products You May Have Missed”

  1. I would caution people with Chipotle. I’ve had an AWFUL experience there before with cross-contamination. They literally touch everything with their gloves, use the same equipment, use the same spoons in all containers, etc. Just be very vocal and on the look-out when you plan on eating there.

  2. Redbridge is barely palatable and no where near ‘ the best’ – try a real GF beer that actually tastes great like: Bards, New Planet, Steadfast, or OMission, Dogfish Head etc…

  3. Sorry, but in my opinion, Redbridge GF beer is hardly the “best”. It may be the easiest to find, but Estrella Dama is really excellent beer, and is gluten free!

  4. My husband likes Bards beer better than Redbridge but do find it hard to find in our area. BInny’s carries it but not all locations. He finds it worth the 45 minute ride when they have it in stock.

  5. The best gluten free bread crumbs are Lil’ Moose Foods bread crumbs made by Feel Healthy Foods and can be purchased at Cafe Rustica in Great Neck, NY at 200 Middle Neck Rd. (516) 829-6464.

  6. Chipotle is great! Everyone I have been to, there is a long line. Worth the wait!
    Betty Crocker brownie mix is the best. Their gluten free cake and cookie mix are fantastic too.
    Redbridge is ok. I’ve had others that taste better.

  7. My gluten free family doesn’t care for Redbridge gf beer, but prefers Bards from Bard’s Tale Beer Co. of Utica, NY or New Planet from Colorado. Also, be sure to try King Arthur’s Brownie Mix. No one thinks they are gf. These brownies are a huge hit!

  8. I agree 100% with Barbara – Estrella Damm “DAURA” made in Spain is Gluten Free and the closest to regular beers like Michelob. It’s by far my favorite of the GF beers. It won two European competitions a year or two ago, and one the year before that. It comes in a 4 pack with red cardboard covering.

  9. I have used other G.F. Beer and I find that the Redbridge GF Beer is great.
    That is my personal opinion, I use it in some of my cooking and it is just awesome in the G.F. Beer batter that I use for my onion rings. It gives them just the best flavor. I just wish it could be bought in Canada too.
    Helena March 29 2013

  10. Redbridge is a great lawn mowing beer… cold and wet, light and relatively cheap… for when you just want to fire one down. Close one eye and it sort of reminds you of what real beer tasted like 12 years ago when you quit gluten. But if you want something that actually tastes like beer, try the later entry micros.

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