Passage Foods | Triumph Dining Product Review

60_1After a busy day at work, sometimes you want something simple for dinner. Passage Foods make a great variety of gluten-free cooking sauces which could help you have just that.

Passage Foods specialize in simmer and stir-fry sauces made from flavors and aromas from different parts of the world such as India, Thailand, Morocco and China. Add meat, seafood or vegetables to any of their ready-to-use sauces and you will have yourself a meal in just 20 minutes.

If you fancy a curry, Passage to India flavors include Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh, Korma and Tikka Masala. Thai flavors include Pad Thai, red Thai Curry, Thai Basil & Sweet Chili and Tom Yum. The later can be used as a soup base as well as a stir-fry sauce.  Moroccan spiced sauces include Harissa Tomato & Bell Pepper, Honey Tagine and Lemon Chicken.  Honey, Soy & Garlic and Black Bean are the Chinese inspired choices. Continue reading “Passage Foods | Triumph Dining Product Review” Review | Triumph Dining Product Review

nuts-com-packaging-01When I first found out I had to live 100% gluten-free, I was relieved that fruit and nuts were on the “safe” list. As well as all the great nutritional benefits, nuts, seeds and dried fruits are fantastic for gluten-free folks on the go. It wasn’t until I began learning more about celiac disease and gluten-free living that I found out the unfortunate news. Many of these types of products are not completely safe for celiacs due to the risk of cross contamination in production.
When you’re on a strict gluten-free diet, it can be quite the challenge finding nuts and dried food which are free from the threat of cross contamination. This is why are now one of my favorite companies. They offer a huge selection of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and various other snacks, which are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Continue reading “ Review | Triumph Dining Product Review”

Gluten-Free Toys

Mama K's Sample PackWith more and more children being diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten intolerance, the need for gluten-free alternatives to gluten containing arts & crafts is a must!

But which toys contain gluten? Well, Play-Doh for one. Play-Doh is made using wheat flour and since kids are known for putting everything in their mouths, it’s something you probably don’t want your gluten-free kids playing with.

Last year we reviewed a gluten-free clay from Mama K and there are a growing number of companies like this, realizing the fast increasing market for gluten-free versions of modeling clay. Soy-Yer Dough sold 50,000 containers of their product last year, more than 25 times the amount sold when the company began five years ago. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Toys”

The JOY of Gluten-Free Snacks | Triumph Dining Product Review

soyjoyOne of my biggest challenges leading a gluten-free life is packing food on the go. Finding a good, reliable “granola” bar is a huge obstacle in this gluten-filled food world. There have been a number of times I’ve enjoyed what I thought was a gluten-free bar, only to find out later that there were trace elements of wheat or processed oats that contaminated my delicious snack.

As many of you are aware of SOYJOY bars and their continually gluten-free bars, Celiacs can now sleep even easier in light of recent news. SOYJOY has just received a literal stamp of gluten-free approval – the official gluten-free certification from the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Though the brand has always maintained its natural product made with real fruit and ground soybeans, this recognition via third-party examination assures that there is no risk of cross contamination and the manufacturing of these delicious snack bars. Continue reading “The JOY of Gluten-Free Snacks | Triumph Dining Product Review”

High Prevalence of Celiac Disease in North Indian Population

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

The prevalence of celiac disease is not evenly spread throughout the world. It is more prevalent in some populations than others. We know from previous research that North Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh populations are some of those with higher numbers of celiac disease than average. This region consumes a lot of wheat (gluten) and much of the population carries the genes necessary for developing celiac disease. But exactly how high are these numbers?

There are many adults from North India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in the UK who are affected by celiac disease so an audit was conducted in an area of southern Derbyshire to find out just how common celiac disease is within this population.

Continue reading “High Prevalence of Celiac Disease in North Indian Population”