visalus-gluten-freeTo follow up on a previous post, the cosmetics industry is one that overlooks its effects on the gluten sensitive. As I mentioned before, not all Celiac’s have topical reactions to gluten, but for many, skin rashes are a painful reminder of their disease.

Recently a Missouri legislator has been advocating for a bill that would require manufacturers and wholesalers of ALL hygiene products (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, etc.) to clearly state on their label whether or not they are gluten-free. This would be a huge step in the gluten-free awareness and labeling, as even food products do not have to advertise “gluten-free” (they do have to clearly list if they contain wheat in the ingredients, but a “gluten-free” stamp is not currently the required label).

A primary piece of evidence in their crusade towards gluten-free labeling comes from study published by George Washington University. The research found a strong association between gluten reaction that comes specifically from wheat germ oil, which is often used in commercial bath products to produce vitamin E.

Though the bill is currently pending before the state’s House Health Care Policy Committee, this could have a huge effect not just on the labeling of hygiene products, but could set a precedent for other gluten and allergen related legislation yet to come.

What is your experience with gluten-free bath products? Are your symptoms topical as well as gastrointestinal?