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Immune-System-Recovery-Plan-by-Susan-Blum.hi-resThis month by Dr. Susan Blum released her new book, The Immune System Recovery Plan. Dr. Blum is certainly a credible advocate for the gluten-free community. She is both being a medical doctor, as well as holds a master’s degree in public health. Her research focuses on autoimmune disease that plagues people all over the world, from thyroid disease to Crohn’s disease to Celiac disease.

While I’m sure most of you are aware when it comes to doctors and illness, they often retroactively treat symptoms (take X to relieve GI distress), rather than treat the root of the problem. Dr. Blum focuses her practice on preventative treatment, seeking to explore what is causing disease or gastrointestinal distress.

Her book systematically explores how the immune system is affected by what we eat. She delves into the issues on a deeper level, offering practical solutions to healing damaged guts and rebuilding our systems’ natural protective abilities. As most Celiacs have discovered through their own trial and error, it is oftentimes the processed foods that cause us the most problems. Moreover, if you’re new to the gluten-free diet, your small intestine is striped of its absorptive capabilities and “good” bacteria that promote health. Dr. Blum provides recipes and explanations that help alleviate the discomfort from which Celiacs and the gluten intolerant often suffer.

Though the book is not specifically written for the gluten-free audience, it offers good explanations for what efforts you can make to proactively improve your health, while dually providing sound advice of what steps you can take to repair the damage that may have been done through years of gluten-eating, or the occasional accidental gluten intake. It’s definitely a book to add to your reading list!

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