nuts-com-packaging-01When I first found out I had to live 100% gluten-free, I was relieved that fruit and nuts were on the “safe” list. As well as all the great nutritional benefits, nuts, seeds and dried fruits are fantastic for gluten-free folks on the go. It wasn’t until I began learning more about celiac disease and gluten-free living that I found out the unfortunate news. Many of these types of products are not completely safe for celiacs due to the risk of cross contamination in production.
When you’re on a strict gluten-free diet, it can be quite the challenge finding nuts and dried food which are free from the threat of cross contamination. This is why are now one of my favorite companies. They offer a huge selection of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and various other snacks, which are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO).
Raw nuts, organic nuts, roasted nuts, salted nuts, seasoned nuts, and so the list continues. They also do a variety of nut butters and oils. Whatever your favorite nuts, you’ll be able to find them here!
Their dried fruit selection is my favorite. From sweet to savory, and in all colors of the rainbow, the biggest challenge for me is not putting one of everything in my basket. Their dried persimmons are insanely delicious!
As well as fruit and nuts, also do chocolate and sweets, cooking and baking supplies and snacks such as trail mix, fruit & veggie chips and cereal. Simply click on the gluten-free tab and check out their fantastic, gluten-free selection. Amazing!
Post authored by The Gluten-Free Traveller