Gladly Gluten-Free: What Cities Provide the Friendliest Fare?

Many urban areas are embracing the gluten-free culture that is increasingly in demand.  From gluten-free pizzeria’s in New York City, to gluten free bakeries in Atlanta, finding your favorite gluten-free goodies is becoming easier and easier – especially for people living in Pennsylvania!

Each year GlutenFreeTravelSite chooses one location that is considered the “World’s Most Celiac-Friendly Destination” based on reviews of restaurants. Previous winners have ranged from New York to California with Washington D.C. and Florida in between. What set Pennsylvania, and particularly Philadelphia, apart this year was the GREAT (Gluten-Free Resource Education Awareness Training) Kitchen’s Program that has been embraced by a number of Philadelphia restaurants.

The GREAT Kitchens Program was created in order to train restaurants and staffs about proper preparation to prevent cross-contamination and provide safe meals to their gluten-free clients. The program provides comprehensive training tools to chefs and managers of restaurants that they can then use to education their entire staff – from line cooks to servers – about safe food handling and gluten-free options.

Do you think Pennsylvania deserved to win, or does your city do gluten-free up the right way?

One thought on “Gladly Gluten-Free: What Cities Provide the Friendliest Fare?”

  1. Cannot understand how Florida made the list.
    I was In southern Florida 2 weeks ago for 10 days, none of the restaurants I went to, had a gluten free menu. I had to settle for a baked potato and a green salad each time, I thought they were way behind the times.

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