Wegmans Supports Celiac Awareness Month all May

WLOGOLOCKUPBLKWegmans announced yesterday that in honor of Celiac Awareness Month the nationwide grocery store will celebrate the continuing effort towards new research, treatment, and development of gluten-free food products. Throughout the month of May the popular grocery store will host gluten-free product demos every Saturday, while also distributing information in their Summertime entertaining guide, listing which Wegmans products contain no gluten ingredients in an effort to educate customers (who are both gluten and GF eaters) what foods are safe for the Celiac community.

Additionally, Wegmans’ company blog will feature gluten-free news and research updates on their blog. From an interview with Alessio Fasano, MD, pioneer in gluten-free research as the Director for the Center for Celiac Research at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, to ideas from Chef Bill Makofski on gluten-free meals for all, the blog will be filled with pertinent information on what products you can pick up at Wegmans to make gluten-free eating easier.

Wegmans is a great place to get gluten-free products, as their independent labeling system makes gluten-free items easy to spot. The grocery store has a “Wegmans Wellness Key,” pointing out which packaged products are made with no gluten-containing ingredients. Even more encouragingly, the Wegmans Catering department contains the same labeling key, so customers can enjoy their hot prepared food without worrying about cross-contamination.

For more information about their policies and programs, visit www.wegmans.com/glutenfree

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