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1-11-Jones-dairy-newIf you’re a gluten-free meat eater, have you tried any of Jones Dairy Farm’s gluten-free options? Triumph Dining recently had the opportunity to try some of their tasty products.

Jones products are certified gluten-free by the GFCO.  They only produce one product which is not gluten free, scrapple.  The scrapple however, is produced in a different facility from the gluten-free products.

Certified gluten-free products include all-natural pork and turkey sausage, Canadian bacon, hams, traditional bacon and braunschweiger.

Jones Dairy Farm are committed to providing gluten-free consumers with safe options. As well as receiving certification from GFCO they are also now a sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Jones’ products are available in grocery stores and online. They also offer a bunch of fun recipes on their website for making breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers featuring Jones’ gluten-free products. Learn more on the Jones’ website.

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  1. Jones sausage are great been eating them for years. The flat patties are the easiest to cook since the regular sausages have to keep being turned to brown each side.

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