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Shirley J Mugging Chocolate Brownie Cake Gluten FreeShirleyJ sent us a box of gluten-free Mugging! samples, which Eldest Daughter tore into the moment I walked in the door with them. From the box she pulled out a cute red mug, opened the packet and poured the contents into the mug. She added five tablespoons of water and a hand full of chocolate chips. Then she stirred the whole thing together with a fork and threw it in the microwave on high for 90 seconds. I was still debating what kind of chicken to make for dinner as she shoveled the Chocolate Brownie Cake into her mouth claiming it was an appetizer.

I don’t imagine that this same scene will take place in your house. However, our product testers, the ones who are actually gluten-free and not just hungry, agreed with Eldest Daughter: these are good! The Brownie Cake was the right combination of cakey and fudgey and at the intersection of sweet but not cloyingly sweet.

They’re just the right size for dessert and would be a great thing to send along with a child who cannot eat the gluten-laden treat being served at the event s/he is attending. ShirleyJ, based in Orem, Utah, offers these in individual gift packs and larger quantities. The company has been in business for more than 30 years and also offers gluten-free Whisk Bliss, a universal cooking base that creates quick and delicious sauces and soups without flour.

Mugging! Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie meets the current FDA definition of gluten-free, and the company has taken additional steps to offer further assurance. Its manufacturing facility has an HACCP plan and an allergen control plan to prevent the possibility of cross contamination. It has statements from each ingredient supplier stating the raw ingredient is gluten-free. It also has its end product sampled and tested using an ELIZA test using approved AOAC methods.

You can buy ShirleyJ products at your local retailer or online. The company’s product line includes dessert and bread mixes, seasonings, bouillons and breakfast products. Something we really appreciated was the recipes that ShirleyJ provided with its products. You can tell how much time and energy the company has put into teaching people how to make delicious, economical, home-cooked meals.

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  1. Read this post eagerly, dashed over to the Muggings website, and…couldn’t purchase a thing. We have other allergies in our home besides just gluten – and while this site is good, such a shame they couldn’t publish either an ingredient list or an allergy list for the products. I keep reading this blog and go to see sites where I can’t order because of the lack of allergy information. Before you sign off on the wonders of a new place, perhaps you could give them 5 stars or something if they list all the allergy info. Or mention that it would be a great site if they’d only do that. Maybe they’d listen to you!

  2. What a great treat! So creative and delicious. The warm, rich chocolate satisfied 3 of us, and it was ready in a matter of minutes.

    And I love the mug for coffee on a non chocolate day!

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