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Sunshine-Burger-SWSunshine Burger make tasty veggie burgers from sunflower seeds, Lundberg Family Farms brown rice, beans, veggies and spices. Made from these pure and simple ingredients, Sunshine Burgers are gluten-free, soy-free and vegan.

Veggie Burgers come in a variety of flavors include Hemp & Sage, Falafel, Black Bean South West, Original Quarter Pounder, Garden Herb and Barbecue. The burgers are oven baked and browned so all they require is a little reheating before being served.

All Sunshine Burger products are made on dedicated gluten-free lines. Whilst the plant is currently not 100% gluten-free, gluten testing is done to ensure gluten levels of less than 5ppm. Company owners are looking into becoming Gluten-Free Certified in the near future.

Sunshine Burger Veggie Burgers are available at many stores across the country. Check out the Store Locator on their website to find the store nearest to you.

Have you tried Sunshine Burger Veggie Burgers? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Burger | Triumph Dining Product Review”

  1. I think the Sunshine Burgers taste good, but I noticed they are a little softer than most veggie patties. I like mine crispy on the outside, so I have to keept them in the toaster oven a bit longer than the box suggests. But otherwise, I love knowing they are GF!!

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