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ShirleyJ Mugging! | Triumph Dining Product Review

Shirley J Mugging Chocolate Brownie Cake Gluten FreeShirleyJ sent us a box of gluten-free Mugging! samples, which Eldest Daughter tore into the moment I walked in the door with them. From the box she pulled out a cute red mug, opened the packet and poured the contents into the mug. She added five tablespoons of water and a hand full of chocolate chips. Then she stirred the whole thing together with a fork and threw it in the microwave on high for 90 seconds. I was still debating what kind of chicken to make for dinner as she shoveled the Chocolate Brownie Cake into her mouth claiming it was an appetizer.

I don’t imagine that this same scene will take place in your house. However, our product testers, the ones who are actually gluten-free and not just hungry, agreed with Eldest Daughter: these are good! The Brownie Cake was the right combination of cakey and fudgey and at the intersection of sweet but not cloyingly sweet.

They’re just the right size for dessert and would be a great thing to send along with a child who cannot eat the gluten-laden treat being served at the event s/he is attending. ShirleyJ, based in Orem, Utah, offers these in individual gift packs and larger quantities. The company has been in business for more than 30 years and also offers gluten-free Whisk Bliss, a universal cooking base that creates quick and delicious sauces and soups without flour. Click to continue reading »

Jones Dairy Farm | Triumph Dining Product Review

1-11-Jones-dairy-newIf you’re a gluten-free meat eater, have you tried any of Jones Dairy Farm’s gluten-free options? Triumph Dining recently had the opportunity to try some of their tasty products.

Jones products are certified gluten-free by the GFCO.  They only produce one product which is not gluten free, scrapple.  The scrapple however, is produced in a different facility from the gluten-free products.

Certified gluten-free products include all-natural pork and turkey sausage, Canadian bacon, hams, traditional bacon and braunschweiger. Click to continue reading »

Wegmans Supports Celiac Awareness Month all May

WLOGOLOCKUPBLKWegmans announced yesterday that in honor of Celiac Awareness Month the nationwide grocery store will celebrate the continuing effort towards new research, treatment, and development of gluten-free food products. Throughout the month of May the popular grocery store will host gluten-free product demos every Saturday, while also distributing information in their Summertime entertaining guide, listing which Wegmans products contain no gluten ingredients in an effort to educate customers (who are both gluten and GF eaters) what foods are safe for the Celiac community. Click to continue reading »

Gladly Gluten-Free: What Cities Provide the Friendliest Fare?

Many urban areas are embracing the gluten-free culture that is increasingly in demand.  From gluten-free pizzeria’s in New York City, to gluten free bakeries in Atlanta, finding your favorite gluten-free goodies is becoming easier and easier – especially for people living in Pennsylvania!

Each year GlutenFreeTravelSite chooses one location that is considered the “World’s Most Celiac-Friendly Destination” based on reviews of restaurants. Previous winners have ranged from New York to California with Washington D.C. and Florida in between. What set Pennsylvania, and particularly Philadelphia, apart this year was the GREAT (Gluten-Free Resource Education Awareness Training) Kitchen’s Program that has been embraced by a number of Philadelphia restaurants.

The GREAT Kitchens Program was created in order to train restaurants and staffs about proper preparation to prevent cross-contamination and provide safe meals to their gluten-free clients. The program provides comprehensive training tools to chefs and managers of restaurants that they can then use to education their entire staff – from line cooks to servers – about safe food handling and gluten-free options.

Do you think Pennsylvania deserved to win, or does your city do gluten-free up the right way?

Celebrating the Gluten-Free Dining Outside Your Home

cheftoplatelogoThe Gluten Intolerance Group is gearing up for the May 2013 “Chef to Plate” Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program. The program is in its fourth year, surveying restaurants that offer gluten-free menu options around the world, including the United States, Canada, Turkey, and Italy.

The campaign serves the dual purpose of celebrating restaurants that are successfully working towards gluten-free awareness and options, while also working to spread awareness and education about what constitutes a gluten-free menu.

This grass-roots campaign seeks to spread gluten-free awareness in the promotion of restaurants that allow the gluten intolerant and Celiacs to safely dine outside their homes. As part of the campaign, the Gluten Intolerance Group asks restaurants to post education materials that highlight to statistics and facts about gluten-free eating as a sign of support for their gluten-free diners throughout the month of May, Celiac Awareness month.  Click to continue reading »

Red Apple Lipstick | Triumph Dining Product Review

kl1wez7mz9ece1vdal7oWhen you’re gluten-free, it becomes second nature to double check the gluten content of everything you eat, and drink. But how about those cleaning or beauty supplies. Are you just as cautious when it comes to your toothpaste, mouthwash or lipstick?

Whilst we don’t eat these things on purpose, it’s more than likely that some of the product is being consumed and if gluten-containing, it could be the reason for any lingering symptoms you’re having.

I’m not a big make-up girl myself, but I do like to wear a little lip gloss or eye shadow to sparkle myself up when I’m headed out. I was pretty excited when I found out about Red Apple Lipstick. Click to continue reading »