wafer_1419861cIf you are a gluten-free church goer, does your church offer gluten-free communion wafers? Recently we’ve seen a few churches opting to offer celiac friendly options and now it’s Toronto’s turn.

A few Anglican churches in Toronto offer gluten-free wafers during communion. St. Martin in the Fields and The Church of the Redeemeron on Bloor Street were already offering the gluten-free option and now St. Paul’s Bloor Street Anglican Church is following their lead.

Catholic churches in the area have been offering what they call a “reduced-gluten communion wafer” for a few years now. Catholic canon law requires the use of small amounts of wheat flour for all hosts and Eucharistic bread, says the director of communications for the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Unfortunately these are completely useless for celiacs since we cannot contain even the smallest amount of gluten. Fortunately, in 2006, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops agreed that those with celiac disease who are unable to tolerate even the smallest trace of gluten can receive the sacrament by taking communion wine only.

Anglican priest Rev. Judith Alltree always has her own gluten-free communion wafers. she has such a severe wheat allergy that any exposure to wheat causes severe headaches or even a throat-swelling allergic reaction. She ensures that there are gluten-free options available at all the churches she serves at in the city.

Whilst there is no requirement for churches to offer gluten-free communion wafers, many will do if congregants request it.

Does your church offer gluten-free communion wafers?