Pillsbury and Celiacs Welcome Three New Gluten-Free Products to Market

gluten_free_productsThank you Pillsbury! Your friends at Triumph Dining were thrilled to read your recent press release on your new offerings: pie and pastry crust, chocolate chip cookie dough, and thin crust pizza dough.

General Mills, who owns Pillsbury, has long been a friend of the gluten-free community. Its associated companies now offer more than 300 gluten-free products. Chex Cereal was its first mainstream product followed by Betty Crocker baking mixes. Today there are seven varieties of gluten-free Chex cereal.

The Pillsbury team developed at least a dozen different formulas to test. Wheat flour was eliminated. The cookie dough contains rice flour. The pie crusts have rice and sorghum flour. The thin pizza crust contains tapioca starch, rice, millet and sorghum flour.

In the summer of 2012, about 20 consumers handled the dough, tasted and critiqued it. At that time the company also created a 35-member Gluten-Free Advisory Board.

Said Jill Haspert, associate marketing manager at Pillsbury, “It was eye opening to listen to gluten-free consumers, who told us they couldn’t find products their kids would eat. We found that moms with gluten-free kids were cooking two meals at ho me. One consumer even told us that a gluten-free cookie has to pass the ‘dunk-able’ test, meaning it wouldn’t crumble when her kids dunked it in milk.”

We’ll be looking for these new products in our local grocery store pronto.

29 thoughts on “Pillsbury and Celiacs Welcome Three New Gluten-Free Products to Market”

  1. I’d sure love to be on the advisory board! Any company who understands what’s it’s like to cook two separate meals each and every night and willing to help solve that burden is a company I would like to work closely with.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for letting us know about this & also thanks to Pillsbury. As far as I know, this is their first GF product!

  3. Last I heard these are expected to hit store shelves in August. My local store has been trying to get them but has been told the company has no idea when they will be available in our area yet. That’s when she was told about the products hitting stores in August starting out east then moving across the US. Patience I guess.

  4. Thank you! Can’t wait to try them. Love your Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix. I make a Pumpkin Crumble with it for Thanksgiving that is wonderful. I was able to have a Pumpkin Dessert again for Thanksgiving. Also love your Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. I do not like the chocolate chips you use so I take them out and use different chips and chocolate candy bar cut into cubes. They make them wonderful. Can’t even tell they are Gluten Free.! Thanks for making life easier for those of us who have to eat Gluten Free! Cindy Bird

  5. I would love to know if these new Pillsbury GF products are in Canada? I sure hope so. Canadian Celiac’s can only get Honey Nut Chex & Rice Chex. Wish we could get the other 5.

  6. This is great! What fun it will be to not have to pass by the ‘holiday cookie’ tubes as fast as possible – now my daughter and I can stop and buy some of the ‘happy belly’ (aka GF) kind!

  7. Do people really feel comfortable eating their products? Are they clear about whether they have dedicated lines? For those of us with Celiac Disease, it doesn’t seem real safe at all. Hhhmmm…..looks like I need to contact them again.

  8. Thank you General Mills. I love so many of your gluten free products. I will definitely try these out as soon as I can find them.

  9. I found all three products at Giant Eagle. I made the chocolate chip cookies and they are outstanding. My non GF son and his friend have pretty much polished them off in one day. Next time I’m hiding them. I hope they do sugar and peanut butter cookie dough in the future. I feel very comfortable eating these products, but if you’re in doubt best to avoid.

  10. I understand you peanut-lovers out there. I was on the top of the list of lovers–until I discovered my daughter is anaphylactic to peanut. Finding a product that covers BOTH gluten and peanut-free is difficult. Hopefully, Pillsbury would not ruin that for those of us who are in this situation. Perhaps dedicated separate lines?? They’re a big company…..

  11. I know someone who knows people at the head of the General Mills Gluten Free division and he said that at least one of them is Celiac. I trust their products. I have now tried the Pillsbury crust and the cookies and they are both good. I especially love the cookie dough, it makes really great cookies!

  12. thank you pillsbury for makinglife bearable. my daughter and i both have celiac disease and it is great when a large well known company cares enough to put out the finest products that help people carry on living without worrying . thank you again all are delicious.

  13. Do you know where I can purchase these products? I live in the Hudson Valley of New York. Zip is 12590. Are they available across the country or only in certain areas and regions? Do you have or could you have a search feature to find them?

  14. My husband is GF and I have tried the cookis dough and the pie and pastry dough. They are awesome, can’t tell a difference. I am so thankful that you came outh with thses products I just hope there is more to follow. Can’t wait to try the chicke pot pie. Keep up the good work.

  15. My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over seven years ago. I am constantly looking for new GF products and choices for her and was so excited to see Pillsbury adding these new products. I have enjoyed Pillsbury products all of my life and know that great taste and quality can always be counted on. Ready made dough for cookies, pizza and pies are so much faster and easier to work with than mixes. Thank you Pillsbury. I think you need to have a GF Pillsbury Dough Boy added to your family.

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