Glutino Keeps the Gluten-Free Goodies Coming!

Instant-Pancake-MixGlutino products come to the rescue again for the gluten intolerant and celiacs alike with the release of a gluten-free pancake mix! Their new instant mix is packaged in a portable bottle, only requiring the addition of water to make a quick, easy, delicious and SAFE gluten-free breakfast!

Glutino’s motto is to “live fully” with a life free from “can’t” and “don’t.” Their products strive to provide safe meal options to people living a gluten-free lifestyle, whatever their reason is for cutting out the gluten. Their facilities are dedicated to staying gluten-free, so that no celiac has to worry about possible cross contaminants or dangerous additives. Moreover, most of their Gluten-Free Pantry mixes and all of their premium breads are dairy and casein free as well, which is a common problem among the gluten intolerant.

And what’s even better? Maple syrup is naturally gluten-free! Just be sure to get the 100% pure maple syrup (it tastes better than the fake stuff anyways) and you’ll have a breakfast your gluten-eating friends will be dying to try!

Glutino products are available at most major grocery stores, and can also be ordered online through For more information about what gluten-free products are available, visit Glutino’s website at!

One thought on “Glutino Keeps the Gluten-Free Goodies Coming!”

  1. My husband is very sensetive to gluten; therefore, our life has changed radically. I feel like a prisoner to his sensitivity. I feel very limited as to the things we use to enjoy without worrying about gluten. How does one get to feel normal again>>>???????

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