Gluten-Free Restaurants in SLC

the pieAre you a winter sports fan? Is Salt Lake City on your short list of places to visit? If so, read on. We came across this list of Salt Lake City restaurants that keep the needs of celiacs front and center.

Any of the Greek-inspired burgers at Astro Burger can be made on a gluten-free bun. Additionally, Astro Burger maintains a separate deep fryer for fries vs. other breaded products, meaning that your fries will never be cross-contaminated with wheat proteins. These gluten-free options are available at all three Astro Burger locations: Draper, South Jordan and Midvale.

The Pie, Salt Lake City’s well-known pizza shop, can prepare any pizza you want with gluten-free dough. It even makes them in a separate kitchen to minimize the risks of cross-contamination.

Another local company, Costa Vida, is gluten-free except for the tortillas and desserts. If you can be happy eating your Mexican food without tortillas then this restaurant is worth a visit.

Baked items and pastries are, of course, the most difficult items to find. But what if, against all reason and hope for survival, you happen to be both vegan and allergic to wheat? City Cakes is there for you. Not only does City Cakes have some of the best vegan baked goods this side of the Mississippi, it also sells at least eight items that are both vegan and gluten-free including bread, cupcakes, doughnuts and cookies.

While this next one is not locally owned or operated like other restaurants we’ve just mentioned, this it does offer a consistently gluten-free menu without a lot of searching around. Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano offers gluten-free pasta along with pizza and about a dozen sauces and other items.

If you dine at one of these let us know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Restaurants in SLC”

  1. The blurb for Costa Vida is a bit misleading – it’s their FLOUR tortillas that are (obviously) not GF. The corn tortillas are. And employees change their gloves if you let them know you’re GF.

    Also, you missed Sweet Cake Bake Shop, a dedicated GF bakery with two locations. Each day they feature various cupcakes, cookies, bars, plus rolls and bread. They are amazing!

  2. Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano is absolutely amazing. My favorite is Shrimp with spinach pasta and alfredo sauce. My whole family and I go there often and they all enjoy the food tremendously. I can’t wait to try some of the other places you have listed.

  3. Costa Vida goes out of their way to help those of us with gluten and dairy problems. All ingredients are gluten free except flour tortillas but corn tortillas are kept in a separate container so their is no cross contamination. You can actually watch your order as it is made so when you order gluten free, the person who takes your order washes their hands before putting on new gloves and stays with you throughout the entire process. You tell them the type of beans, rice, etc. including whether or not you want cheese on your order. Delicious food, safely made. Daily specials at a great price!!

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