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Nine Year Old Celiac Dines at the White House

US-WhiteHouse-LogoWe love sharing happy news about fellow celiacs here at Triumph Dining. We were very excited to hear that Ingrid Gruber, a 9-year-old with celiac disease, was one of 54 children who were welcomed to the White House this week to have dinner with First Lady Michelle Obama.

These 54 children between the ages of eight and twelve won the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, a national recipe contest. More than 1,300 children from across the United States entered this contest, each submitting original, healthy and delicious recipe. One winner was then chosen from each state, DC and three U.S. territories. Click to continue reading »

Distilling Vodka for Celiac Safety

With long days and hot holidays ahead this summer, happy hours and mixed cocktails are a staple to July and August weekends. Vodka based beverages are among the most popular for an after work libation, but are they safe for the gluten sensitive?

While traditionally made from potato, vodka distilleries have been known to use grapes, corn, and even wheat or other gluten-containing grains. Though experts, including the National Institute of Health, maintain that the distillation process removes harmful gluten that would cause flare ups among celiacs, even if the product is made from gluten-containing ingredients, many celiacs can have serious reactions to products coming from wheat, rye, and other gluten-containing grains. The reactions are similar to that from cross-contaminants, or products made in a facility that also processes gluten, and they just aren’t safe for all celiacs.
Fortunately, there are a number of companies that pride themselves on completely gluten-free liquor. Smirnoff, for example, distills vodka from corn, rendering it a celiac-friendly vodka, and one of the most commercially available.

The Aristocrat Group Corp. recently announced the launch of RWB Ultra-Premium Handcrafted Vodka by Luxuria Brands. The company uses Idaho potatoes as the base for their vodka, and is in the process of conducting blind taste tests to ensure product standards on par with the top shelf vodkas currently available. The new product, set to debut in August, seeks to cater towards the gluten-free market, an industry that is projected to generate $6.2 billion of revenue by 2018, with a celiac-safe liquor.

What’s your favorite summer beverage? Have you had any trouble with distilled liquors in the past and thought you’d have to swear it off for good?

Top US Cities Ordering Gluten-Free Takeout

GrubHub, the site which helps you find and order food online, has been tracking where and how often customers are ordering gluten-free options at takeout restaurants.

Looking at GrubHub’s 2013 orders reveals that gluten-free menu items have become a lot more popular since April of 2012. 60% more popular. That’s a whole lot of gluten-free food being ordered!

To find out more about where the demand for gluten-free takeout is greatest, analysts looked at GrubHub’s orders from their network of more than 200,000 restaurants in over 500 cities across the country. Results suggest that diners in the Pacific Northwest region are leading the demand for gluten-free takeout. Seattle topped the list with Portland and Eugene, Oregon coming second and third.

These are the top ten cities where diners are ordering gluten-free –

1) Seattle

2) Portland, OR

3) Eugene, OR

4) San Jose, CA

5) Chicago

6) Raleigh, N.C.

7) Denver

8) Minneapolis, MN

9) Los Angeles

10) Albany, NY


GrubHub also looked at the the dishes gluten-free customers were ordering. Gluten-free pizzas, salads, burgers, wraps and sandwiches were found to be the most ordered gluten-free items. Not really a surprise since these are probably the most common gluten-free options offered.

Are you surprised by these findings? Do you think your town should be on the list?