While I never developed a taste for beer, and therefore have never craved a gluten-free beer, there are many hops lovers who need to stick to the gluten-free diet. One such imbiber is Joe Casey, a “brewmaster” at Widmer, who has been spending years testing beer recipes that he and his fellow gluten-intolerant wife could safely drink.

Being a bit of a beer connoisseur, Casey was tired of the “beers” brewed with gluten- free sorghum grains that are frequently substituted for barley, but leave beers with a bit of a sour after-taste. Casey decided to experiment with a new technique – rather than brewing with gluten-free grains, he would see if he and his wife could tolerate beer that was brewed traditionally with barley, but then remove the gluten from the beer. After getting the nod from his gluten-free wife and beer-loving boss, Casey is lobbying to get his gluten-removed brew on the market.

His greatest obstacle? Federal alcohol regulations. Much to the appreciation of celiac beer-drinkers and frustration of Craft Brew Company, they are barred from calling this “gluten-removed” beer “gluten-free” as it is misleading to consumers. Casey is seeking to sell his celiac-friendly beer to the gluten intolerant community. Unfortunately, based on scientific analysis, tiny traces of gluten have been detected in the beer.

What do you think? Is this beer gluten-free or gluten-removed?