Sweet-n-Sour-ChickenChinese food is one of those things we don’t often blog about. This is due to a simple fact: we haven’t seen many gluten-free Chinese food offerings out there.

Just yesterday I read about Ivy’s Garden, a company that has three Chinese gluten-free offerings on the market thus far. Although we haven’t tried their products yet, this is worth sharing!

The San Jose, California-based company, founded and run by a husband and wife, makes Sweet & Sour Chicken, Lemon Chicken and Chicken Nuggets. The wife, Ivy Lau, calls herself a Chinese Supermom.

These are authentic (gluten-free) Chinese food dishes (vs “Asian inspired”), made with only fresh, local, natural ingredients. They do not include MSG nor preservatives. The chicken meat is 100% natural, derived from free-range, grain-fed, farm-raised chickens that are born, raised and processed in the U.S. under strict guidelines.

It looks like their products are sold online here.

Let us know if you try these!