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gluten-free-red-velvetAs I mentioned in a previous post, we ate a lot of cupcakes while on vacation in Southern California in August. Crumbs, which makes the most sugar-laden and frosting-heavy cupcakes in my opinion, currently doesn’t have any gluten-free offerings. But we gave it a shot in Calabasas.

Sprinkles Cupcakes in Newport Beach, and with 11 other locations, offers a gluten-free red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting similar to Casey’s. This makes me wonder if there’s something about red velvet that lends itself to gluten-free baking. Maybe it’s just the best seller? The cupcakes were displayed separately from the gluten-laden ones although they were not baked in a gluten-free facility. They are also topped with a red G to denote gluten-free.

Candace Nelson, who currently judges one of my kids’ favorite TV shows, Cupcake Wars, founded her business in Beverly Hills in 2005.  Sprinkles offers a Sprinklesmobile, which can come out to events. And the cupcake mixes are available at Williams-Sonoma although not the gluten-free one.

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  1. My favorite gluten-free bakery changes their gluten-free flavors often, but they always have red velvet. I wonder what that means!

  2. I tried 1 gluten free bakery in Fountain Valley, CA. The cupcakes were like rocks and even bread and pizza dough was way too sweet…I believe the name was “Sensible Sweets” but they don’t hold a candle to the Gluten Free Pantry Truffle Brownie mix that my husband, who doesn’t have to eat gluten free like I do loves more than gluten free products!!!!!!! I have even used egg replacement (I’m supposed to stay away from eggs due to an allergy but don’t stick that all the time as they don’t damage me like gluten) and yogurt to make the low fat version and they were still so moist no one would ever be able to tell the difference!!!!! The mix is just that good!!!!!!! I think the commercial brands sold at supermarkets that sell gluten free options are still much better than that bakery!!!!! The only thing edible on the cupcakes was the frosting which I usually don’t eat on most things as I find it too sweet. The wife was very nice but the husband made me feel rushed when I asked questions after explaining it was my 1st time there. They have a child with food allergies which prompted them to get into gluten free baking. I’ll stick to Udi’s crusts which come frozen, 2 to a package and their frozen French baguettes, also 2 to a bag over anything that bakery has to sell!!!!! I was so excited as I had never been to an actual gluten bakery before. When I ordered a red velvet cupcake, the wife actually told me the chocolate mint were the best so at $3.50, if I remember correctly, when I tried to break a piece off and couldn’t because the top was so hard I hoped maybe the middle would be softer but that was so wrong!!!! The frosting was hard like candy and edible but I prefer creamy frosting not something with almost the texture of royal icing. I debated whether to try and get my money back but my husband, who noticed flies too, said you tried but you won’t go back!!!!! It’s too bad as it is close to his family and we thought it would be nice so while they all enjoy cakes and pies for dessert I would too but I ended up eating jellybeans for dessert that night and boy, they sure tasted good!!!!!

  3. P.S. I meant to say my husband loves Gluten Free Pantry Truffle brownies more than mixes that were not gluten free I had made in the past before I went gluten free!!!!! He wasn’t as big a fan of “No Pudge” I used to buy at Trader Joe’s or any store bought mix but now he even loves the crumbs!!!!!! I tried making muffins for the 1st time with a mix that had no sugar and tells you not to add any but they were awful and I didn’t save the brand name as they were almost inedible!!!! Maybe others who’ve tried gluten free mixes will know who I’m talking about but it seems mixes in boxes seem better and Pillsbury devil’s food cake is in a box as well. The yellow cake was pretty good to me as well and I will try there ready made pizza and pie crust dough that comes in a container in the fridge section of the market to make my 1st pie soon!!!!! Hope it’s as good as the cake mixes!!!!

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