Pillsbury Gluten-Free Options

Pillsbury-Gluten-Free-refrigerated-dough-productIf you’re someone who misses nibbling on the cookie dough that you really should be using to bake cookies (Mmmm, cookie dough!), you may be happy to hear that Pillsbury have introduced new gluten-free options, including gluten-free cookie dough!

We’re hearing about more and more companies bringing out gluten-free product ranges and Pillsbury are the latest. As Pillsbury are part of General Mills, who have been offering popular gluten-free options like Chex for a while now, it’s not too surprising to hear that they are adding to their gluten-free product range.

As well as their new gluten-free cookie dough, they also have gluten-free pie and pastry dough and gluten-free pizza crust dough. For now, it’s only these three products which are available gluten-free but I have no doubt that they will offer more options in the future as the demand for even more gluten-free products continues to grow.

The Pillsbury site offers various gluten-free recipes for consumers to try at home using these new doughs. Some of the highlights include Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cups using the cookie dough, Gluten-Free Bacon Cheese Squares and Chocolate Tarts using the pastry dough and lots of yummy 30 minute pizza ideas using the pizzas dough.

Since keeping to the definition of “gluten-free” won’t be enforced until next August, I’m not sure about issues of cross contamination in these Pillsbury products. I’m assuming they take precautions to ensure safety like they do with Chex but we will add an update when we find out more.

Have you tried any of Pillsbury’s new range of gluten-free doughs? If you have, are they any good?


Post authored by Laura (Gluten Free Traveller) http://glutenfreetraveller.com/

Canary Seed as Gluten Free Option | Triumph Dining

Canary seed is originally from the Mediterranean region but is now grown in many parts of the world for birdseed. Some countries such as The Canary Islands, South Africa and some areas of Mexico already use canary seed as a food but it’s thought by some that it could become a more popular food which would be suitable for celiacs and others on a gluten-free diet.

Scientists have confirmed in a study published in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that a new variety of canary seeds bred specifically for human consumption qualify as a gluten-free cereal which would be ideal for people with celiac disease.

Joyce Irene Boye and team wish to further expand the options available for those of us with celiac disease. They are researching a new variety of “hairless” canary seed, which doesn’t contain the tiny hairs that the canary seed used for birds normally does. These hairs are what makes most canary seed inedible for humans.

As well as being gluten-free, Boye also found that canary seeds have more protein than many other cereals. They are also rich in other nutrients and are suitable for making flour which could be used in gluten-free baking.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be interested in trying a new type of gluten-free cereal?



Post authored by Laura (Gluten Free Traveller) http://glutenfreetraveller.com/

Scottish Kids With Record Levels of Celiac

Earlier this month, we brought news of research from Australia suggesting that celiac disease appears to be a lot more common that previously thought. Now, researchers in Scotland have also found that the number of children with celiac disease may have reached record levels.

Scientists have discovered that celiac disease now affects six times more children living in Scotland than it did in 1990.

Researchers based at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh found that the rate of children being newly diagnosed with celiac disease increased from 1.7 per 100,000 children in 1990-1994 to 11.8 per 100,000 in 2005-2009.

The team considered a number of possible reasons for this rise. Factors could include changing patterns of childhood infections as a result of ongoing improvements in healthcare, greater awareness of celiac disease and it’s symptoms or simply the result of better and more rigorous testing.

Peter Gillett, of Edinburgh University’s department of child life and health thinks there is more behind this increase than heightened awareness and better testing.

“It also confirms the need to look further at factors influencing why we are seeing more patients with coeliac disease.”

Why do you think more and more people are being diagnosed with celiac disease? Is is simply better awareness and testing or something more?



Post authored by Laura (Gluten Free Traveller) http://glutenfreetraveller.com/

Detroit Style Pizza | Triumph Dining Pizza Week

People with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity can finally enjoy great-tasting gluten-free pizza and breadsticks at Detroit Style Pizza Co.‘s two metro-Detroit locations and nationwide by mail order.

Pizza maker Shawn Randazzo was inspired to craft the recipe after his wife, Keri, was diagnosed with celiac disease. The couple tried gluten-free pizzas at dozens of Detroit-area locations, only to find that most versions left much to be desired. Randazzo went to work on his own recipe, and, after countless trials he was able to bake a gluten-free pizza with dough that’s soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and as tasty as Detroit Style Pizza Co.’s other award-winning pizzas.

“I wanted to create a gluten-free pizza recipe that we loved and would be proud to share with others,” says Randazzo.

Detroit Style Pizza Co. offers two styles of gluten-free pizzas: small Detroit Style Square (four pieces) and small Pan Style Round (six pieces). The pizzas are available at the Clinton Township and St. Clair Shores locations for $6.99 plus the cost of toppings. Specialty pizzas can be made gluten-free by adding $2 to their regular price.

The Detroit Style Pizza Co. kitchen is specially designed for gluten-free prep; gluten-free menu items never come in contact with surfaces or utensils used to prepare foods that contain gluten. The pre-baked gluten-free pizza crusts are stored in FDA-approved bags until used.

“A gluten-free diet calls for no breads or wheat. It’s a total life change for many people, and it’s extremely difficult to find gluten-free bread products that taste great,” says Randazzo. “For people who love pizza but can’t eat gluten, being able to enjoy a gluten-free pizza that’s packed with flavor is a treasure.”

NYPD Pizza | Triumph Dining Pizza Week

NYPD-Pizza-LogoAs we continue on our tour of Gluten-Free Pizza offerings across the country we spent some time at NYPD Pizza in Arizona.

NYPD Pizza is a 17-year-old business with 11 locations in the Phoenix area and, CEO Rich Stark was nice enough to spend some time with us.

He started with a gluten-free pizza at just one location and has expanded to all the stores, in addition to becoming vegan friendly. Their dough is sourced from a gluten-free dough provider and they take many precautions to minimize the potential of cross-contamination, including a separate oven and dedicated gluten-free prep area. They also use color coded delivery bags and cutters to protect the integrity of the gluten-free offering. That being said, like all of the restaurants we visited, they try and give their visitors all of the information they can so that they can make a determination if NYPD Pizza can meet their dietary needs. Continue reading “NYPD Pizza | Triumph Dining Pizza Week”