Kellogg’s Gluten-Free Spiderman 3 Fruit Flavored Snacks

kelloggsnacksA display of these boxes caught my eye in our local Safeway. Sure enough, Kelloggs includes them in its gluten-free lineup. They meet the FDA requirements for being gluten-free and are made in a facility that makes gluten-free products.

Kelloggs is appealing to a wide set of children with these snacks; they also come in Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess, Toy Story, Cars, Turbo, Super Mario, Monsters University and Fairies shapes.

As parents, we’ve seen plenty of fruit-style snacks come and go from our pantry shelves. Kelloggs’ version has a better taste than many we’ve tried, not cloyingly sweet and actually less sticky than other brands. Maybe you have luck getting your kids to brush their teeth for a full two minutes every night. We’re still struggling with that so we appreciate the lack of adhesive-like product behavior.

We also appreciate the company’s efforts to add nutritional value. While eating these is not the same as drinking a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, we are comforted by knowing that each individual package has the recommended daily value of vitamin C.

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