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NYPD-Pizza-LogoAs we continue on our tour of Gluten-Free Pizza offerings across the country we spent some time at NYPD Pizza in Arizona.

NYPD Pizza is a 17-year-old business with 11 locations in the Phoenix area and, CEO Rich Stark was nice enough to spend some time with us.

He started with a gluten-free pizza at just one location and has expanded to all the stores, in addition to becoming vegan friendly. Their dough is sourced from a gluten-free dough provider and they take many precautions to minimize the potential of cross-contamination, including a separate oven and dedicated gluten-free prep area. They also use color coded delivery bags and cutters to protect the integrity of the gluten-free offering. That being said, like all of the restaurants we visited, they try and give their visitors all of the information they can so that they can make a determination if NYPD Pizza can meet their dietary needs.

Rich understands that many gluten-free customers also have dairy allergies so they also offer Daiya as cheese alternative.
Additionally, their entire specialty offering is available gluten-free and they also have two gluten-free appetizers: bruschetta, and spinach dip with pizza chips.
Rich recommends calling ahead to the restaurant that you want to visit so they can be better prepare for your visit. Of course that does not mean that you can’t make a last minute decision to visit.
Rich summed up his philosophy by telling me that he has a vegan son and fully understands the need for options at his restaurants to “bring families together.”

We would love to hear comments from those of you who have been to NYPD Pizza in Arizona!

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