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Pillsbury-Gluten-Free-refrigerated-dough-productIf you’re someone who misses nibbling on the cookie dough that you really should be using to bake cookies (Mmmm, cookie dough!), you may be happy to hear that Pillsbury have introduced new gluten-free options, including gluten-free cookie dough!

We’re hearing about more and more companies bringing out gluten-free product ranges and Pillsbury are the latest. As Pillsbury are part of General Mills, who have been offering popular gluten-free options like Chex for a while now, it’s not too surprising to hear that they are adding to their gluten-free product range.

As well as their new gluten-free cookie dough, they also have gluten-free pie and pastry dough and gluten-free pizza crust dough. For now, it’s only these three products which are available gluten-free but I have no doubt that they will offer more options in the future as the demand for even more gluten-free products continues to grow.

The Pillsbury site offers various gluten-free recipes for consumers to try at home using these new doughs. Some of the highlights include Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cups using the cookie dough, Gluten-Free Bacon Cheese Squares and Chocolate Tarts using the pastry dough and lots of yummy 30 minute pizza ideas using the pizzas dough.

Since keeping to the definition of “gluten-free” won’t be enforced until next August, I’m not sure about issues of cross contamination in these Pillsbury products. I’m assuming they take precautions to ensure safety like they do with Chex but we will add an update when we find out more.

Have you tried any of Pillsbury’s new range of gluten-free doughs? If you have, are they any good?


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  1. The cookies are excellent .. the pie dough works best when you tap it into tart pans .. it is harder to try to roll out and use .. but can be done. I have not used the pizza dough yet ..but I would suggest going to the Pillsbury website and see what people are saying in reviewing the recipes using these new products.

  2. I tried their pie and pastry dough a few months ago. I’m not thrilled with the ingredients or the taste and texture. I feel like I’ve homemade better. I suppose it’s ok in a pinch but is probably use a box mix before these.

  3. We (my 3 GF kiddos and even my other 3 non GF kiddos) like the cookie dough best when it is baked as bar cookies. We just pat two of the buckets into a 9X13 pan and cook at 350 until done. They are very “melty” and good that way!

    A friend of ours found the dough at the dollar store so we have a freezer-ful right now!

  4. I have tried all three. I think the cookies are the best. I used the pie dough to make a tart from one if the recipes they had and it turned out good. Everyone loved them but never used as just pie crust. Did NOT like the pizza at all. I didn’t like the taste or texture. But hey…2 out of 3 ain’t bad!!

  5. I was excited when I saw the dough in the grocery store, less so when I read the list of bizarro ingredients (how hard is it to sell food with identifiable components?), and anyway, they only had one flavor (probably chocolate chip), which isn’t dairy free. I think a significant minority of those who are intolerant to gluten (not celiacs, though some of them also skip the dairy) also have casein issues.

  6. I love the chocolate chip cookies! I haven’t tried the other items as of yet but they are waiting in my frig. So grateful companies are selling gluten free. This helps the prices to go down. It is very expensive to be gluten free.

  7. We tried all 3 in our monthly gluten-free get-together at the local Hy-Vee. The pizza dough was really bad. So bad we wondered if it wasn’t from a spoiled batch. The cookie and pie crust doughs were good. Later, at home, I made a chicken pot pie with the pie crust and my husband declared it excellent – and he’s not the GF person in our household! That recipe came from the Pillsbury website, and only used half the tub of dough. We are big fans of the Chebe pizza crust mix, so doubt I will risk $5 on another tub of Pillsbury pizza crust mix. Very nice to have all these options, though!

  8. I’ve tried the GF Pillsbury Chocolate chip cookie dough. It is delicious and a welcome product since my son is on a GF diet. I can’t even tell they are gluten free– they bake up rather nicely. I’ve bought 3 of these so far…. yummy!

  9. I love the pie crust! I made an apple pie with the top and the bottom. You have to roll it in between waxed paper. I think one of the issues is people aren’t reading the instructions which are right on the side of the container.
    It is really good! The crust takes like regular crust! It’s flakey and delicious!
    I also love that it is so easy and quick!
    My only feeling is I thought it was pricey… $5 for one crust (top and bottom). Hopefully they will keep having coupons available to make it a little better priced.

  10. The cookie dough is amazing! My non-gf family and friends were begging for more! The pizza dough needs to be cooked carefully following the directions precisely to avoid gummy texture. Try re-heating with olive oil in a pan and that helped! I haven’t tried the pastry dough but will as soon as a find a good price for it!

  11. I tried the cookie dough and pie crust and loved them both. Even my husband who doesn’t care for anything gluten free liked the pie I made. He thought the crust had a great taste.

  12. I have tried the pie pastry and the pizza dough. The pie pastry was sort of stiff and hard to roll out. But easier than from scratch. The pizza dough was good, I did grease the pan with Olive Oil even though it said to use ungreased pan in the directions.
    The Kroger stores in my area were the only one carrying these. But the last time I went shopping Krogers had them on Clearance. So are these products still going to be made?

  13. I loved the cookie dough. I have made 3 pies with the pie dough. The one where I had to bake the crust and then add the filling was very hard and tough. The the pumpkin turned out nice except the edge was hard.
    The apple two crust was a bit on the tough side. I wonder if you added more butter if it might help that.

  14. Wasn’t impressed with the pizza dough. Hard to roll out and tasted bad. Unfortunately won’t be able to try cookie dough because it contains dairy. Not impressed!

  15. I’ve only tried their pizza dough and it was just awful. If I had kept my receipt, I would have returned it (and that is something I never do). I think I’ll keep using a box mix for my pizza crusts.

  16. The cookie dough is the bomb!! loved it!! The pie crust is good, but hard to work with..my hubby like the gluten free pantry pie crust better…as for the pizza dough..he thought it was too sweet…. We hope Pillsbury keeps the gluten-free products coming……

  17. My whole family loves the cookies. It is nice to have a quick easy way to make gluten free cookies. I hope they come out with more flavors. The pie crust was difficult to roll out into a pie plate, but the taste was great, could hardly tell it was gluten free.

  18. Most people are saying they like the cookie dough. I haven’t tried it as I rarely make cookies but they might be handy for a family with kids. The pie crust was not horrible but was very greasy and I would not buy it again. The pizza dough was just gross in looks, taste, texture, everything. I was very disappointed and it did not seem like pizza dough. I make my own but I tried it as I am a blogger and I thought it would be a good product for celiac kids. But it was too hard to work with and as a I am also a dietitian I was not thrilled with any of the ingredient lists.

  19. I used the pie dough to make a simple pot pie I was craving. I was lazy and used a can of Dinty Moore Stew (GF all along), and a good grind of black pepper that made it very tasty. Crust was crisp (rare in GF foods) and tasted buttery, but the ingredient list did give me pause. The healthier I eat the fewer chemically adjusted things I want. I am sure some home economics majors in their test kitchen selected the blend, but simple would sure be nice. This will be a rare not so healthy option for me.

  20. Could you please tell me where in DesMoines Iowa i can find these pilsbury products. Anxious to try them .thank you. Kay

  21. Hi Kay;
    I found Pillsbury GF cookie dough and pizza dough at the HyVee in Ankeny. I looked in Newton this morning and the HyVee there didn’t have them yet, but I suggested they look into it. When you go to the store, look in the regular Pillsbury section; that is where I found the Pillsbury GF products and the Tyson Chicken GF products. Hope this helps.

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