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CiderboysCider Week on the Triumph Dining Blog is fast becoming one of our favorite weeks. British manufacturers have historically owned the hard cider market, a market that’s naturally gluten-free. In the past 12 months there have been more new ciders added to the market than we can even count. In reality, we are working hard to count them all for our next edition of the Triumph Dining Grocery Guide.

Wisconsin’s Ciderboys Hard Cider has kept alive the region’s wonderful cider-making tradition with six new offerings that our readers should love.

·         First Press

·         Magic Apple

·         Cranberry Road

·         Mad Bark

·         Peach County

·         Raspberry Smash


Ciderboys’ use of different fruit flavors reminds us of the Belgian fruit beers that were so popular a few years back.

We had our team of testers enjoy their Magic Apple hard cider and, by the end of the evening, there was not a drop left. Magic Apple hard cider was crisp and sweet with a good aftertaste. The strawberries were definitely there.

Ciderboys’ Hard Cider comes in both bottles and cans, and will make a fine addition to any event regardless of the time of year.

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