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Triumph Dining Cider WeekAngry Orchard’s Hard Cider has fast become a cider lover’s favorite. With the ample variety as well as the seasonal options and variety packs, this one’s a winner. Angry Orchard has the following ciders available:

·         Crisp

·         Traditional Dry

·         Ginger

·         Green Apple

·         Cinnful Apple (seasonal)

·         Elderflower (seasonal)


Angry Orchard also has the Cider House Collection, which is well worth a try.

For the fall season, the Cinnful Apple is a fan favorite and is flying off the shelves. Cinnamon and apple in a bottle? We’ll take it.

Be sure to use the Store Locator, which allows you to choose the flavor you are looking for. For those looking for a specific kind, especially a rare or seasonal flavor, this is genius.

Stay tuned for Part 2, featuring an interview with a cider maker at Angry Orchard.

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