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03708-Halloween-Sixlets-9-oz-156x164With Halloween fast approaching, we’re always looking out for great gluten-free candy. SweetWorks are one of our latest discoveries! If you aren’t familiar with SweetWorks, you may be more familiar with their most popular candy, Sixlets!

SweetWorks is a family-owned company that began as Niagara Chocolates in 1956. In the 1990s they acquired Oak Leaf Confections and in 2002 SweetWorks added a few brands to their line, including Sixlets. SweetWorks manufacturing facilities are currently located in Buffalo, NY, and Toronto. Their Toronto facility produces their gluten-free candy.

Sixlets have been around since the 1960’s and are small, round, candy-coated, chocolate-flavored balls. They are fantastic and the best news of all is that they are gluten-free!

As well as traditional Sixlets, you can also find these crunchy balls of deliciousness in various colors depending on the season. They have a shimmery autumn mix for example, as well as a Halloween mix and Christmas mix. For special occasions, they also offer Celebration Sixlets, which come in all sorts of fantastic colors. These are great for weddings, baby showers or cake decorating.

SweetWorks gluten-free gumballs also come in various colors and combinations. They have Spooky Eyes gumballs for Halloween fans.

Pearls, which are sugar candies in a shimmery candy shell, are also gluten-free. The come in lots of colors and are great for party favors, cake decorating or topping your favorite gluten-free desserts!

To find out more about SweetWorks and to see their entire selection of products and colors, check out their website.


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