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spooky_spiders_subSurf Sweets, an organic, gluten-free candy maker, has spookified its snacks just in time for Halloween.  With its blueberry, cherry, lime and tangerine-flavored spooky spiders, the company adds a creepy-crawly treat to its myriad of gummies and jelly beans.

Boasting 100% of your daily Vitamin C per serving, all-natural ingredients and a food allergy-free recipe that excludes wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts and fish, Surf Sweets seeks to spur healthy lifestyles among its candy-craving fans.  The company praises an active mentality, drawing its inspiration from days spent hanging ten and catching some sunshine on the beach. 

The gummy spiders themselves are soft, sweet and perhaps a bit addictive.  I offered some to my friends and was disappointed to see how few I had left after a couple of minutes. Moms, however, can rejoice at the healthier Halloween options now up for grabs.  Eating right just got a little sweeter.

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